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Friday, January 02, 2015

[Lolita] Dusk Library Collection by Surfacespell

 All pictures are property of Surfacespell.

Looking through my previous Lolita features, I'm surprised that I have not featured this online store/brand yet! Specially crafted for this year's winter season, this collection includes a coat to keep you warm for the winter~

Jumperskirt & Skirt

I have always loved books and libraries, so this design really appealed to me~! Recently, I would prefer getting more skirts since I can show the design of the blouse, but I have not been able to find pretty blouses yet ): For this collection, only one design for the jumperskirt and skirt is available.


This coat has been previously released in 2012, and now they have come up with an improved version which has a more elegant feel~!


This collection comes with a bag of the same print and matching berets! The ribbon on the beret is removable.

Working life has been hectic and fulfilling, but I am glad that I have spent December celebrating with both family and friends, old and new~! What about you?  

I am using the first day of 2015 to re-collect my thoughts and plan for travel, events and new things to try for 2015~!

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.