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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Sunday Currently, Volume Thirteen

By koumeno-osanpo

Now that I am a working professional, it seems like the days when you are on course are the days when you will have the most relaxed time at work. Unless there is a mandatory test that you have to pass at the end of it. Feels like being a working student, except now I am a studying worker? (¬ε¬ )


PRACTICING... on my assessment books for JLPT N3! I have finally decided to sign up to take the N3 exam, though I've only had lessons up till N4 standard? Since it costs the same to take either N4 or N3, I figured to just take my chances with the N3 paper.

LISTENING/WATCHING... to a new show from China, 蒙面歌王. Based off the Korean show with the same name, the singers perform with masks on. The singer with the highest votes gets his/her identity revealed and proceeds to the next round. I quite like this series because of the variety of the songs.  Check it out!

HOPING... To get some good deals from COMEX 2015 next weekend! Possibly dropping by Moshi Moshi Nippon at Scape as well! ~旦_(^O^ )

WANTING... To pick up a subscription box to pamper myself lately. Locally, Glamabox and boxgreen are available, but the Kawaii box looks tempting as well! Here's an unboxing video of the July Kawaii Box below:

Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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