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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

[Amaya Travels] Amsterdam 2015

Footprints: Taken outside the Anne Frank House.

Amsterdam City Centre

After the three day event (Animecon), we headed out to the city centre before our flight back home. It was very peaceful and laid back, and since R had been to Amsterdam before, he was our guide!

This is where you could buy the magic mushrooms~

The church in the left photo is pretty visible throughout the city center. It is also located centrally in the center.

This cat looked away from us when we approached. After a while, it turned back to peek and found us still there, and immediately turned back LOL. #tsundereneko

One place I absolutely love when travelling is their departmental stores/supermarkets! It is a wonderful place to experience the local culture (and to buy interesting omiyage sometimes!).

Fresh flowers everywhere!

While waiting to enter the Anne Frank House.

While wandering the streets for good food, we stumbled across a fresh produce store selling fish and chips!

We also frequented this restaurant with Middle Eastern cuisine. They have menus in different languages~

A must-go is the Heineken Experience! Drinking in broad daylight LOL.

You could take photos rather freely in the area, though some areas are poorly lit to simulate a bar experience. You could even pour your own beer from the tap, and get a certificate for it :D I succeeded on my first try!

Den Haag

Very limited pictures of Den Haag, where Animecon 2015 was held (The Hague). We had reached a day earlier than the event, met up with M and decided to just walk around the city.

Think this building had some parts converted into office space...

Not forgetting breakfast! which K missed a few times, and when she finally decided to eat with me, it was closed... OTL

The fried egg comes in a separate plate. XD Other than the egg, the bread, ham and cheese were for two people (since we ordered the same thing together).


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Thursday, September 17, 2015

[Event] Amsterdam Animecon 2015

Ninja-snapped a group of Naruto cosplayers!
Even though there were events in Singapore almost every weekend in the past months, I have basically averaged about one event per month xD Excluding July since I was away for 2 to 3 weeks of it.

So, in June I headed to the Netherlands for Animecon 2015~! Pardon the rather small selection of photos; it was a dazzling first time there, with too many things to see and do~

We were pretty early, so the halls were still quite empty!
The place inside is huge with lots of rooms preparing for their respective schedules.

The izakaya was being prepared; it was the first year they were having it!

They had a poster in front of every room/hall to tell you what it was, the schedule (if it had one), opening and closing times, and a brief introduction of the place. Good info to locate yourself if you are ever lost!

There was an app developed to tell you what was going on at which venues at any time, and it was so jam-packed that you would have to choose certain activities over the other. Bummer!
A manga cafe where you could read and relax~
Food stalls were readily available inside and outside the venue halls.

I didn't get a good shot of the stairs behind the venue, but it was a spacious space where many photographers/cosplayers could have their photos taken, or simply to rest outdoors. Who wouldn't, with such wonderful weather ╰(✧∇✧╰)

M taking a selfie with the cute poster girl!

This room held dance/exercise sessions to your favourite vocaloid pieces!

Not forgetting the new friend I made, Martin (left most)! As usual, there were photographers and videographers roaming the venue, inviting cosplayers for pictures.

There were also a bunch of Kyojin running around with a radio blasting the theme song, lol.

Lavender here is so vibrant~

There was a dedicated area for merchandise. This was also where the autograph sessions were held. Pity I don't have many photos from this place because my camera was accidentally set to manual focus ._.

Figurines on display~

Super cute family!

It was crowded, but still quite manageable!
Food at the izakaya was pricey, but yummy!

Animecon - Stage

Of course, the stage activities are also packed back to back! In this event, there isn't a separate ticket to watch the stage events, though you'll need to show proof of your ticket when requested. And if your bag is too big, you may be asked to deposit it before entering.

There is also a special area dedicated for VIP guests to sit in.

The very funny emcees!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The second night of competitions where they crowned the winners. We were seated father back for this one, but the pictures looked better to me somehow?

Bride of the Water God!

There was also Pokemon~ Pretty creative costumes


All in all, I enjoyed the stage events very much! Also, meeting Reika (again), Taeyeon (for the first time), Martin and many new friends, spending time with M, R and K was very very enjoyable!

My next event was -supposed- to be Natsu Matsuri in August, and STGCC in September, but since they have already passed (oops)... My next event will be AFA Indonesia! Looking forward to meeting up with more friends and making some more new ones!

Mata ne!

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.