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Friday, February 12, 2016

[Amaya Travels] Llangollen, Wales (Around Town, Corn Mill)

After the post on Llangollen accommodation, I have been thinking on how best to section the next post so that it's still under one theme, and the post is not cluttered by too many photos.

First off, some snaps from the main village square! It's the only place that's bustling with activity most times of the day, and it's where we had this procession to celebrate the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod!

Obligatory fish and chips when in the UK!

Everywhere is fully booked for the festival.

Taken from the Llangollen Bridge (I think!)
Some of the more food savvy friends recommended a meal at Corn Mill!

The Corn Mill

Dee Lane, Llangollen LL20 8PN, Wales

Tel: 01978 869 555

We were lucky to be visiting the restaurant when it was not too busy~!

FYI: This was from the kids's menu. KIDS' MENU...

Colourful fruit displays!

Going down this road leads to the Llangollen Station, which houses a restaurant as well!

Some boating competition going on~
Free for all to feed~!

Festival Grounds

And on to one of the main events held in Llangollen! It is a distance from the main town square, but the space is huge, and it houses its own F&B and retail options. Most vendors commented that they were surprised at the crowds on the first day that for many of the shops, we were turned away because the stock hadn't arrived xD

Had lots of fun opening my mini hair salon~!

There was also a little park area next to the grounds which I did not have time to finish exploring ):

... Yeah that's it xD Hey, being on the grounds was mostly for singing, practising, and singing some more. Most of the free time I had, I spent it outside of the grounds and in the main town, so xD

Left: a really random photo of Limited Edition Minion Haribo (which my dad gave away before I could eat it NO ): )

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