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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Sunday Currently, Volume Twenty-Two

From happy-garden.
Chanced upon this image while on Tumblr, and it brought back some childhood memories when I used to play with these dolls! I remember them being really expensive, and my parents would only allow additions when I did well academically xD


PASS(ED)... my JLPT N3 exam! Just barely, but I am glad that I passed! Will be working hard on completing the remaining of my assessment books, and looking out for a N2 course in the near future.

PLAYING... Mahjong with the colleagues~! We finally got a date fixed to play together. The rules are pretty easy to grasp, and I find it fun that there are several possible combinations in order for you to win!

LISTENING... to a new song a friend introduced me. I have known this singer for a while now, but her renditions on I Am A Singer have been impressive. Below is my favourite song from her so far:

THINKING... about what to give to a friend for her brithday, because she lives in a different country from me xD At the same time, the options are pretty limited so there isn't much to decide from the possible choices.

WAITING... for my parcel to arrive from Taobao. I bought a few pieces of new clothing (isn't this supposed to be done before the Chinese New Year holiday...), and I sure hope they fit! If they fit, it means I will have to start clearing my cupboard and see if I have space for more clothes XD Changing styles is always fun.

ANTICIPATING... the releases for the celebration of Pokemon's 20th Anniversary! I got the Pokemon Black 2 this week, and they gave me a free Level 100 Mew redemption card o.O

MAINTAINING... a diet! Just barely though xD Somehow my exercise regime has vanished... Trying again this week~! ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)

Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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