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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

[Amaya Travels] Edinburgh, Scotland (Argyle Backpackers, Royal Botanic Gardens, eTeaket Tea)

Spent a week or so in sunny Scotland~! This is my favourite part of the trip because no competition or voice to worry about, a well-deserved break before heading back to work and more singing. Also, spending time with one of my favourite people in a place we both haven't (really) visited and explored.

Took a train down from Manchester to Edinburgh, where I met up with C! It was a safe journey, though I couldn't really sleep because I was afraid my luggage would disappear xD

Argyle Backpackers
14 Argyle Pl, Edinburgh EH9 1JL, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 131 667 9991

As we decided to explore the main city of Edinburgh instead of going to the High Lands, we only booked one accommodation~ Pleasant, though the soundproofing isn't too good, so chats in the hallways at night are pretty much a no-no. C had checked in before I arrived that evening, so no hassle checking in for me x)

They had two common rooms, one in the living room, and one out back (forgot to snap a photo) after walking past the kitchen. They also have a guitar and a piano for your playing pleasure~!

Mum's Great Comfort Food
4A Forrest Rd, Edinburgh EH1 2QN, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 131 260 9806

This eatery is located very close to where we stayed, but since it was so near, it was actually one of our last stops in Edinburgh xD

The menu looks enticing!

             Left: Eggs Benedict                        Right: Salmon & Scrambled Eggs

It was relatively quiet when we came in because it was just open, but the breakfast ended on a much livelier note when more people streamed in!

34 Victoria St, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 2JW
Phone:+44 7771 968233

Rather well-known for their hog roasts, and you get to choose the sauce and other toppings~

Royal Botanic Gardens
Arboretum Place, Edinburgh EH3 5NZ, United Kingdom

We met a local playing with her dog! She loves fetch!

The botanic gardens cover a significant area, and there are even greenhouses you can enter (for a fee, I think). C and I spent majority of it chatting, and even resting on the grass when we were tired (:

A shelter built entirely out of natural materials like shells and acorns~ some have dropped out over time :P

eTeaket Tea
41 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 1EP, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 131 226 2982

What's a trip to UK without afternoon tea!

We got a set for sharing! The spreads were delicious!

Some snaps while walking around the city!

Wanted to fulfill my wish of eating ice cream in cold weather!

Food displays are <3

We would walk down this path pretty often to see the sights~
National Museum of Scotland
Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JF
Tel: 0300 123 6789

There are a number of museums in Scotland, but given our limited time, we chose the one best fitting our schedule and location. They had a marine exhibit amongst others, but I especially enjoyed the exhibit on war times.

I initially thought that I would be able to finish the week in one post, but it seems better to split the content up into different ones~
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