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Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Sunday Currently, Volume Twenty Eight

It's been a while~~~ (*`・ω・*)ゞ and it is now May in the blink of an eye O.O I have been rather indulgent lately, but I will work hard to document my thoughts and memories diligently!

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PLAYING... Maplestory SEA Season 2! My colleagues and I have (re-)started our fun journey into this game. What triggered it all was the news that Maplestory had released a pocket version of this nostalgic game XD I was so surprised to see all the new jobs and character story lines.

Kanna is such a pretty character to play with!
TAKING... lots of water and rest to recover from this bout of flu. It seems like it is flu season again, with various people down with a variety of flu strains.

NEEDING... more time to work on the music part of my life, be it choral music, the piano or the guitar. Sad to say that I have essentially stopped the guitar playing, but I do not think that it will take much time to familiarise again. Prior muscle memory helps! (ゝω・)ノ

FEELING... relieved (and broke) after booking my flight tickets and accommodation to Tokyo! The trip still feels a little unreal at this point xDD

NOTICING... that I have been spending a lot more time on Facebook, judging from my mobile data usage the past month xD Time to be more aware and to keep myself in check; that time could always be used for more meaningful tasks.

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