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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Sunday Currently, Volume Thirty Two


PLANNING... out my finances! It is never too late to start thinking about money xD Thinking about investments, passive incomes and setting up funds for further education~

LISTENING... to Makino Yui~ She's been in the industry for some time, and her gentle vocals are really soothing to listen to!

WATCHING... LinandKo's gameplays for the new Harvest Moon game: Story of Seasons - Trio of Towns! I can't wait till the game is translated and released in Singapore! The competition structure seems really different and interesting!

BUYING... a yukata and obi from Rakuten~! I was really lucky to get a hand-me-down from V, but I decided to get a design which I really like. #retailtherapy

DOWNLOADING... the Maplestory SEA client. It is frustrating that the automatic and manual patches do not work on my computer. Every time there is a new patch, I have to download the entire game client again. Thank goodness I have efficient Internet ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑)

DISLIKING... evangelists. Had a rather memorable experience with one while waiting for my pick-up. He was rather contradictory about certain things, but the breaking point was when he said that another religious figure was simply a figment created by his own God. How rude can someone get.

WANTING... to get some card paper stock to DIY a pocket for my dotted notebook. This way I can keep some stickers and postcards along with it, without carrying too many folders.

GEARING... up for the busy work period that is to come! I've taken some extra duties, and aim to do them well so that it will ease certain work processes in future.

FINISHING... up most of my shopping, with some remaining items that will need another one/two trips down to the physical store(s). Good way to start off the second half of the year feeling refreshed in some ways!

COVETING... a few new electronic gadgets, including a wireless printer for home use! The PIXMA MG3670 is also good for photo printing, so I might put the portable photo printer on hold for a bit.

LOOKING... out for a new lens to add to the basic lens that I got with my Olympus camera! Gotta make full use of the capability for interchangeable lens!

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