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Thursday, December 08, 2016

[Amaya Travels] Nikko, Japan (Lake Chuzenji, Kegon Falls, Futasaran Shrine)

After being back in Singapore for almost a month, I have finally started on editing photos from the trip!

First leg was in Nikko, Japan. I could not find a reasonable accommodation in Nikko itself, so I opted to stay in Kanuma, a city below Nikko. Trains arrive about once every hour to Nikko.

The place I stayed at is Sannoan Cafe, which also provides free breakfast, and wonderful meals at other times of the day. Yukino and Shino were very kind hosts who provided lots of helpful information~!

I could eat this everyday xD
En-route to the nearest train station

Took the train to Tobu Nikko, and waited for the bus up to Lake Chuzenji!
Train decor in Tobu Nikko station~!

I had a friend who was at Lake Chuzenji two weeks prior, and he said it was really cold, so I had worn a number of layers. Turns out it was a really hot day when I went ;_; On the bright side, clear sunny skies meant pretty photos!

Of course, the autumn colours that are not to be missed!

Lake Chuzenji!

DIY-ed a leaf rose, success!
Some girls having their own photoshoot heehee

Found this shrine tucked in a corner

Futasaran Shrine
Short stopover to have lunch~! Three types of tuna in one don!
You could take the elevator down for a closer look at Kegon Falls~
View from the free viewing area~

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.