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Saturday, March 11, 2017

[Amaya Travels] Tokyo, Japan (Kanda Myojin, Ramen, Okashi no Machioka)

Back to Tokyo~

♡  Kanda Myojin ♡

2-16-2, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan

Had some spare time after shopping for sweets, so I decided to visit Kanda Myojin near Akihabara. For Love Live fans, you would know that the Kanda Shrine was heavily featured in the first season of the anime. Not sure about the second because I didn't watch it :P

The famous steps.
In the anime, the girls ran up and down these steps.

Pretty drain cover!
Main compound
There was a shichi-go-san ("Seven-Five-Three") festival ongoing during the time I was there, I think. This is a traditional rite of passage and festival day in Japan for three- and seven-year-old girls and three- and five-year-old boys. Lots of well-dressed kids with their parents :P

Customary to make well wishes!

To shorten the queue, people were coordinated to stand four in a line.

And pick up your fortune~

Snacks being sold in the area
There was also alcohol xD

♡  Ramen ♡

Ippudo I think? 
Tried the famous Ichiran ramen!

♡  Okashi no Machioka ♡

Kaila recommended finding these outlets for affordable sweets! Really good choice if you want to buy omiyage that isn't of the usual variety. I do find that kitkat (especially the normal flavours) aren't all that cheaper than what I can get in Singapore though. My tip: get stuff you can't get in SG!

There are a few outlets peppered around Tokyo, so look for the one nearest to you!

All things matcha!
Cute characters galore!

Gummies and sweets!
Butter chicken flavoured chips, anyone?

Also spoilt for choice when it comes to senbei (rice crackers)!

Hope you enjoyed this rather random collection of photos~!

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.


Sunday, March 05, 2017

[Amaya Travels] Okutama, Japan

Taking a break from all the Tokyo photos to remember another part of Japan I visited! I was very lucky to have friends in Japan who planned to have this trip to Okutama. I actually only know one person out of the whole group of 10+ people, so I was really glad I warmed up to everyone!

Good weather from the really long train ride

Self-introduction time!
There were a few trails we embarked on, the first two before lunch being the more relaxed ones.

Halfway through the walk, we passed by a damn that was free for public viewing! Down the stairs we go~

Yay for rainbows!
And more wonderful scenery~

Aaaaand lunch!

Grate your own wasabi~!

Queues can get really long in this place because it is really -the only- place you can get lunch once up in the mountains.

And more walking~! The sunlight really filtered nicely between the trees, appreciating  木漏れ日(komorebi)~

Metal benches along the way for some breaks if you needed~

As the walk progressed, most steps were just make-shift ones cut into rock XD

Autumn foliage is so pretty!
Chanced upon a shrine

View from one of the higher points we reached!
Also walked through some part of Okutama town before running after the train!

Had to walk into this shop selling wasabi lol

To celebrate, we had a really fantastic dinner of fried chicken and other dishes. No pictures because we were all just really hungry by the end of it XD You would be too, if you had to climb stairs like these:

No kidding on the incline.

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.