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Sunday, September 03, 2017

The Sunday Currently, Volume Thirty Six

From Tumblr.
Work and music has been a big priority of my life the past months. I passed the Grade 5 piano practical exam in March this year (yay!) after learning for about two years. My next goal would be to pass the theory exam this October (one more month to go!).

I originally planned to finish Grade 8 within 5 years of starting formal music lessons, but priorities and mindsets change over time. It is sometimes frustrating to see little/no progress, but as advice from long ago would say:

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." -- Confucius


READING... (or re-reading) 全职高手 - my Kindle restarted from a long time of not using it for a few months, and it did not save the last reading point I had. So now I have the joy of reading the entire story again! While skipping the more boring parts that I have already read in detail. 

WRITING... in my monthly journal! I used to have a daily journal when I was in university, which was really helpful because my schedule varied more day by day. Now that I am working full-time in a steady job, my weekdays are essentially work at the same place and time. XD So I started moving towards some form of bullet journalling with a monthly spread. I also now have a monthly photo spread, which I look forward to at the end of the month.

LISTENING... to more pop recently, especially with the direction that the choir I am in is taking. I picked up this song while watching dance videos though x) 

THINKING... of listening to different playlists to broaden my music horizon through Spotify. Any suggestions?

EATING... lots of good food recently! Have you seen them on my Instagram?

WEARING... this really cute Pacman ring that I got from Taobao. Been one of my favourite accessories so far since I started wearing rings.

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WANTING... to get back to reviewing skincare and cosmetics that I have been using. Since my instagram is mostly on food and travel, having these reviews would be too much clutter for me. I might put them on this blog instead as micro reviews. Yay or nay, you never know till you try!

LOOKING... forward to attending STGCC this year! I will be helping out again this year with the cosplay guests, so really happy for an opportunity to meet people in this community again.

COVETING... (well, actually I already bought it...) the JapanLoverMe sukajan! The Hokusai-Oiran reversible was really tempting, but I decided to get the Hokusai-only in the end. It is so pretty!

PLANNING... to start exercising more! Now that a yoga place (Yoga Inc) has opened up nearby, there really isn't much excuse for me to push back exercising >_> I hope you will follow me on this journey too!

Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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