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Thursday, June 28, 2018

[Amaya Travels] Tokyo, Japan (Disneyland)

♡  Tokyo Disneyland ♡

Second day in Japan was spent at Disneyland! We happened to be there on the last weekend before Disneyland changed their fireworks program, so the park closed early at 5pm that weekend. That didn't stop us from covering a lot of ground though!


Really reminds me of USS back home?

Similar to Disneysea, there is also a ticketed show that you can only get tickets via the lottery on the day itself. We didn't succeed in this one, so we queued for the free seating. FYI, the first show of the day has no ticketed seats.


The disney theme in the food was a really great touch! Worth every penny :D

A thematic experience walking through the halls of the castle!

Random flowers!
Of course, you must also visit the various souvenir shops in Disneyland (and hope that you do not spend all your money here XD) A lot of people bought the character hats and wore them around the park, but I didn't get any because I couldn't find a use for them outside of the park...

Keychains of shoes from the villians!

Cookies for the 35th anniversary

Frozen is easily one of the popular motifs in the park.
Since the park closed early, we decided to spend some time at Ikspiari, the shopping mall right at Maihara Station for dinner! Spring meant lots of flowers in bloom. It just rained before we came to the mall, so all the seats inside the cage-like structures were wet.

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.