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Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Sunday Currently, Volume Thirty Eight

Photo credit: J.F.
My last Sunday update was in Jan of this year, wow. Between January to August of this year, I have traveled to two different countries (Japan & South Africa), sung in our annual concert and worked very hard. This half of the year was particularly trying at work, but I feel a sense of renewed motivation and discipline to improve myself in terms of knowledge and social skills at the workplace.

For my hobbies, other than singing, I am trying out bullet journaling! I used to own daily journals / planners, but my current lifestyle does not fully utilize a daily spread, so I have decided to use generic notebooks and draw out my own bullet journal. Creating photo layouts are really therapeutic and provide opportunities for reflection and appreciation. ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ


PLANNING... the remaining time I have left for this year. I did not manage to complete all I set out for in the first half, but I did complete some goals such as getting a new wardrobe and study table.

WATCHING... Hataraku Saibou [Cells at Work] - it is educational and entertaining to watch at the same time!

CELEBRATING... the new Try Guys channel! They are the most entertaining channel I follow from the Buzzfeed team, and it is great that they have started on their own business while keeping their familiar branding.

DECIDING... to catalog the various washi tapes that I have accumulated over time, inspired by the planner video that Kaila [Rainbowholic] uploaded recently.

LOOKING... forward to taking photos of my Japan stationery haul back in April (yes, one of the uncompleted goals from the first half of the year).

TAKING... a break from piano lessons because they are getting expensive at higher grades. Also, I do not have much time to practise every week, so I am considering a private teacher who can teach me bi-weekly instead.

HOPING... to find another hairdresser I can trust! Somehow my go-to stylist made a sudden departure from the salon I frequented, so I am taking this chance to try out other salons that J-Passport support (discounts and promotions are often available!).

PLAYING... Maplestory M, the mobile version! Originally, I did not want to start playing it because of the time it would consume, but several of my friends were playing and needed numbers for the guild, so I started to play!


Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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