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Thursday, September 27, 2018

[Stationery] Sticker / Washi Mystery Packs from Taobao!

A quick post on my two mystery packs that I got from a Taobao shop called 北面环岛.  I was looking for a storage folder to easily carry stickers and tape samplers on the go, and I stumbled onto this one! If you buy the folder, the seller gives you 10 random sticker sheets. Super cute!

Yes more emoji stickers!!

The shop also has a link for mystery washi tape packs! They sell in quantities of 10, 25 and 40 (though at time of posting, they only have packs of 10). I got a pack of 25 for about $8 SGD, which is really cheap!

There are some daiso tapes in there lol.
Instead of 25 swatches, I only have 24 because one of the tapes was not sticky at all. You would need to glue it down, so it was more like paper ribbon than tape. See if you can notice which one is not in the notebook below :P

So elated to see this road washi! I can use it to play with my nephews.

The pineapple washi tape is from Daiso!

Love the tribal vibes from the dream catchers!

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Sunday Currently, Volume Forty Two

A simple craft project, turning a can into my personal dustbin using washi tape!


CREATING... my post on my Taobao mystery packs. I got a pack of 10 sticker sheets as part of buying a storage folder, and got a mystery pack of 25 washi tapes!

PLANNING... a schedule to transfer my Japanese notes from the lesson sheets I got from language school to another folder. This will free up space on my shelves for more stationery storage x)

ADDING... stationery items into the shopping cart to keep track of pretty things I find along the way.

DISLIKING... the intermittent internet connection. This week was worse than previous weeks. I do hope it will improve soon!

WATCHING... the (not-so)-live stream of Outside Xbox playing Overcooked 2. There is something hilarious about teams failing to play the game well xD

THINKING... of events that I can attend this week. It seems like a pretty quiet week next week.

HOPING... to have a smooth-sailing two weeks leading up to a major presentation. Gotta take things one step at a time~

Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

[Unboxing] Hobonichi 2019

If you follow my Instagram, then you would know that I have gotten my first Hobonichi diary! I placed my order via the Hobonichi website on 2 Sep, which was the first day they launched the cover I wanted. My items were shipped on 8 Sep, and reached me in a few days!

I got the A6 Original planner and cover in Champignon. Obviously, it is cheaper to buy in a set than to buy them separately.  Since this is my first daily planner since starting work, I got the smaller A6 version, single-book, so that I feel less pressured to fill it up XD I got the original because I felt that the Japanese text quotes are prettier than their English counterparts.

All online orders of the diary come with the 3-Color Jetstream Ballpoint Pen and Not-Scary Bear Paperweight. These freebies are exclusive to online orders!

Shipping contributed a large portions of the total cost, but it was definitely worth it! I was not going to be in Japan to buy stationery soon, and I was worried about my desired cover running out of stock.

I am looking forward to filling up this planner with handwritten journal entries, hand lettering & doodle practices and of course, stickers, photos and colours!

I was tempted to keep the box the items came in, but I threw it away in the end because I couldn't find a use for it XD

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Sunday Currently, Volume Forty One

Work has picked up for this week with several meetings taking up majority of the time. I have been just watching Youtube videos when I get home from work x) More meetings are scheduled for the next two weeks, but I hope to be able to stay afloat!


READING... Adekan. I remember reading this manga before, but I cannot remember why I stopped reading it. Re-reading it from the beginning brings back fond memories!

THINKING... about eating lesser this week because I have been feasting the past week.

LOVING... my new hobonichi that arrived this week! I am so excited to journal in it come 2019.

HOPING... to restart my exercise schedule again after eating so much lol!

EXTENDING... my free Skillshare trial by one month. I wanted to cancel before the billing cycle began and the website offered an additional month for free. Why not?

Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

[Compilation] Japan Stationery Boxes / Mail / Subscriptions

Recently, I have joined Kawaii Journaling Group by Rainbowholic, which has been a really positive experience. Members have been really friendly and contributing lots of ideas. And recently, a topic about stationery subscriptions came up, which sparked a search on the available stationery boxes.

Generally, the websites offering such services also include free shipping within the country they are based in. If there are no providers based in your country, I recommend buying those which ship from Japan, so you avoid paying double just for shipping.

I am interested in getting some of the boxes to try, so I will update this post with unboxing posts as and when (´▽`)ノ♪

Last Updated: 3 Sep 19
Note: None of the links here are sponsored or affliates. 

Based in Japan:

Zenpop JP *ships worldwide* : offers one-off, tri-monthly and six-monthly subscriptions. It seems very well-established, and offers other boxes such as sweets and ramen! ~~旦_(-ω-`。)

Rainbowholic Rainbow Mail *ships worldwide* : only offers one-off boxes / mail! Usually they are themed boxes (eg. summer, halloween) and are packed full of cute stationery. If you prefer a monthly mail, you can consider Rainbowholic's Patreon instead.

Neko Box Zakka Kit *ships worldwide* : Similar to Rainbow Mail, they offer themed kits ranging from stationery to homeware. It also allows you to purchase individual items from the boxes from their shop. I really liked their March box - check out the review here!

My Japan Box *ships worldwide* : offers one-off, tri-monthly, six-monthly and annual subscriptions! You also get to choose the style of box you want. Other than food-themed subscriptions, they also offer anime-themed boxes.

The Stationery Selection *ships worldwide* : offers one-off or a recurring monthly subscription. They sell out fairly quickly so be sure to order quickly when the links are available! I did get their October 18 box, you can check out the unboxing here!

Sticky Kit *ships worldwide* : offers monthly kits for stickers, washi or a combo kit with stickers, washi and two bonus stationery items! You can check out a video review from Sarica Studio as well.

Based in Malaysia:

Black Milk Project *ships worldwide* : Launched bi-monthly with a different theme each time! You can pre-order a single box, or order three boxes at one go with a discount. Each box will come with an exclusive stamp design that will only be made available for the mystery box's theme!

Based in Hong Kong:

Blippo *ships worldwide* : offers a surprise stationery or sticker bag of at least 15 items! It also allows you to purchase individual items from their shop.

Based in Australia:

Arigatou Aiko *ships only within Australia* : offers one-off, monthly and tri-monthly subscriptions. You can check out an unboxing video from their website.

Based in the United States:
STICKII *ships to almost worldwide* - offers a subscription sticker set monthly. Choose from three styles - cute, retro and pop! You can also get specific items from their online store.

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Sunday, September 09, 2018

The Sunday Currently, Volume Forty

First week of Sept is now over, and it has been quite productive both in terms of work and play. Work has been smooth for the most part, and I have a few packages to look forward to!


FOLLOWING... a new youtube channel for journaling inspirations~ I learnt about her from instagram, but her youtube videos are easy to follow as well!

MAKING... progress on the huge cross-stitch that my cousin passed over to me. Aiming to finish this one colour by the end of this month, and then I have 30+ colours left to go lol.

BOOKMARKING... links to cute stationery and stamps on Taobao~ The washi tape and sticker selection is really impressive (and I hope there is no infringement of copyright as much as possible >.<)

ENJOYING... the rainy days recently. I dislike getting caught in the rain, but I enjoy staying indoors listening to the rain outside.

EATING... my alcohol-infused mooncakes from Raffles Hotel. I know it is not the month for mooncakes yet (seventh month will end today), but corporate discounts for early purchases are the best!

FEELING... motivated to keep this tempo of leaving work on time and exercising after work for one more week! Breaking things down into small steps help to keep motivation up.

READING... two petitions, one for to retain the penal code 377A, and the other to remove it. I believe that love is a choice, and everyone should have the right to love as they choose.

LOVING... the Novita folders that I bought from Tokyu Hands. They are perfect for storing postcards and sticker sheets, making them more accessible. Now I am just waiting for the folder I purchased from Taobao to store my sticker flakes.

Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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Thursday, September 06, 2018

Skincare update [August, 2018]

August has been pretty hectic, with several major work deadlines. Now that they are mostly dealt with, I can take a small breather before moving full speed ahead again.

From top to bottom, left to right:


♡  TT Control Clarifying Black Charcoal Mask ♡

What it is: Comes in a black sheet mask with activated charcoal to help clean the skin. The mask essence contains p-REFINYL and DERMAPUR HP, products that help regulate sebum production and promote healthy skin metabolism.

Price: Get 5 masks for S$8.90 over at Qoo10! That makes each mask less than $2, which is pretty good for single masks. 

Key ingredients: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Butylene Glycol, Chlorphenesin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Pentylene Glycol, Hdroxyethylcellulose, Salix Alba(Willow)Bark Extract

My thoughts: This mask performed the best out of this black charcoal series. The mask did help to calm the skin after application over the next two days, and was hydrating as well. 


♡   TT Snail Extract Derm-Revival Mask ♡

What it is: A thin sheet mask containing snail mucin, known to repair skin damage and provide anti-aging benefits and soothe irritated skin.

Price: Get 5 masks for S$8.90 over at Qoo10

Key ingredients: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Algin, Butylene Glycol, Chlorophene sin, Tranexamic Acid, Hydrolyzed Adasonia Digitata Extract, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Pentylene Glycol

My thoughts: The mask comes sandwiched between two protective layers, which I found quite useless; the mask could do with just one. I also noticed that the key ingredients listing was largely similar to the black charcoal mask above, but this mask performed better in terms of hydrating and soothing skin.


♡  TT Radiant Transformation Black Charcoal Mask ♡

What it is: Comes in a black sheet mask with activated charcoal to help clean the skin. The mask essence contains mainly hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to brighten and moisturize skin. 

Price: Get 5 masks for S$8.90 over at Qoo10! That makes each mask less than $2, which is pretty good for single masks. 

Key ingredients: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Algin, Niacinamide, Butylene Glycol, Tranexamic Acid, Chlorphenesin, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Mannitol

My thoughts: For a mask that claims to have whitening and brightening effects, I do not really see a difference. The mask was sufficiently hydrating though.


♡   activa Brightening Mask ♡

What it is: A  whitening contour-fitted mask with soothing Mulberry Extracts specially designed to revive the skin and diminish the signs of aging. It penetrates to help lighten spots, fine lines and irregular skin tones. Leaving skin smoother, fairer and younger looking. 

Price: Get one set for S$6 at Qoo10! Unfortunately, it is sold out >.<

Key ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Mulberry Extract, Sophora Extract, Licorice Extract, Portulaca Extract, Chamomile Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, PEF-40, Hydrogenated Castor Oil

My thoughts: This mask dries out within 15 minutes in an air-conditioned room, which is really fast, compared to my other masks. The sheet mask comes along with eye flaps for your eyes, but I don't use them because I still need to see my computer XD Skin does feel smoother after application. I did not like the charcoal peel-off mask.  

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Sunday, September 02, 2018

The Sunday Currently, Volume Thirty Nine

Entering the last month for the third quarter of the year! Work has dipped just for a few days, which allowed me to recoup and embark on a different project for the rest of the year~ Post on it will be up really soon!


BUYING... my very first Hobonichi! I got a book+cover set, with the A6 original and the World Folk Pattern Champignon. I am really looking forward to the day it arrives!

HELPING... to finish a cross-stitch that my cousin gave up on. It has been making good progress, but it will be a long while before it will be complete. Hopefully it will be done by the end of the year, and I can reveal the pattern.

WATCHING... Isekai Izakaya - Koto Aitheria no Izakaya Nobu (Alternate World Bar "Nobu"). The anime is based off a light novel series about a restaurant and its various patrons.

LOVING... my washi tape notebook! I have completed cataloging all my washi tapes, and it brings me great happiness to flip through it. My favourite page is the one below:

LEARNING... about lettering and calligraphy on Skillshare using my free subscription for two months. If you are also interested in lettering, you can use the link above to get your first two months free as well! Using the link also earns me an additional month.

LOOKING... forward to the Taobao and Hobonichi parcels that I will be receiving this month! If the stationery I got from Taobao is good, I might just make a post about it.

NOTICING... less muscle aches with each jog I go for. The first jog was pretty overwhelming on the body, but subsequently I recover more easily. The recovery is motivating me to exercise more because I am quite unfit.

BOOKMARKING... a face massage video by PONY, a Korean makeup artist who is really pretty. She does really good tutorials, and this recent one on a face massage was really relaxing to do!

Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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