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Thursday, September 20, 2018

[Unboxing] Hobonichi 2019

If you follow my Instagram, then you would know that I have gotten my first Hobonichi diary! I placed my order via the Hobonichi website on 2 Sep, which was the first day they launched the cover I wanted. My items were shipped on 8 Sep, and reached me in a few days!

I got the A6 Original planner and cover in Champignon. Obviously, it is cheaper to buy in a set than to buy them separately.  Since this is my first daily planner since starting work, I got the smaller A6 version, single-book, so that I feel less pressured to fill it up XD I got the original because I felt that the Japanese text quotes are prettier than their English counterparts.

All online orders of the diary come with the 3-Color Jetstream Ballpoint Pen and Not-Scary Bear Paperweight. These freebies are exclusive to online orders!

Shipping contributed a large portions of the total cost, but it was definitely worth it! I was not going to be in Japan to buy stationery soon, and I was worried about my desired cover running out of stock.

I am looking forward to filling up this planner with handwritten journal entries, hand lettering & doodle practices and of course, stickers, photos and colours!

I was tempted to keep the box the items came in, but I threw it away in the end because I couldn't find a use for it XD

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Sunday Currently, Volume Forty One

Work has picked up for this week with several meetings taking up majority of the time. I have been just watching Youtube videos when I get home from work x) More meetings are scheduled for the next two weeks, but I hope to be able to stay afloat!


READING... Adekan. I remember reading this manga before, but I cannot remember why I stopped reading it. Re-reading it from the beginning brings back fond memories!

THINKING... about eating lesser this week because I have been feasting the past week.

LOVING... my new hobonichi that arrived this week! I am so excited to journal in it come 2019.

HOPING... to restart my exercise schedule again after eating so much lol!

EXTENDING... my free Skillshare trial by one month. I wanted to cancel before the billing cycle began and the website offered an additional month for free. Why not?

Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

[Compilation] Japan Stationery Boxes / Mail / Subscriptions

Recently, I have joined Kawaii Journaling Group by Rainbowholic, which has been a really positive experience. Members have been really friendly and contributing lots of ideas. And recently, a topic about stationery subscriptions came up, which sparked a search on the available stationery boxes.

Generally, the websites offering such services also include free shipping within the country they are based in. If there are no providers based in your country, I recommend buying those which ship from Japan, so you avoid paying double just for shipping.

I am interested in getting some of the boxes to try, so I will update this post with unboxing posts as and when (´▽`)ノ♪

Last Updated: 13 Sep 18
Note: None of the links here are sponsored or affliates. 

Based in Japan:

Zenpop JP *ships worldwide* : offers one-off, tri-monthly and six-monthly subscriptions. It seems very well-established, and offers other boxes such as sweets and ramen! ~~旦_(-ω-`。)

Rainbowholic Rainbow Mail *ships worldwide* : only offers one-off boxes / mail! Usually they are themed boxes (eg. summer, halloween) and are packed full of cute stationery. If you prefer a monthly mail, you can consider Rainbowholic's Patreon instead.

Neko Box Zakka Kit *ships worldwide* : Similar to Rainbow Mail, they offer themed kits ranging from stationery to homeware. It also allows you to purchase individual items from the boxes from their shop.

My Japan Box *ships worldwide* : offers one-off, tri-monthly, six-monthly and annual subscriptions! You also get to choose the style of box you want. Other than food-themed subscriptions, they also offer anime-themed boxes.

The Stationery Selection *ships worldwide* : offers one-off or a recurring monthly subscription. They sell out fairly quickly so be sure to order quickly when the links are available!

Based in Hong Kong:

Blippo *ships worldwide* : offers a surprise stationery or sticker bag of at least 15 items! It also allows you to purchase individual items from their shop.

Based in Australia:

Arigatou Aiko *ships only within Australia* : offers one-off, monthly and tri-monthly subscriptions. You can check out an unboxing video from their website.

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.