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Monday, August 27, 2012

[Event/Assignment] Anibee @ ICDS

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own and do not represent the opinions of any parties/companies mentioned.

So Sunday (two days after DF PCP), was my one-day ad-hoc assignment at ICDS! Spotted anibee's FB advert for a part-timer (two actually) and I got the job ((:

Pardon for the lack of pictures, still not used to taking many many photos yet. Plus my camera seems out of focus lately =\

So what's my job

Basically I had to dress up in a meido costume. It was not as awkward as I had expected. 5 minutes into the costume and I forgot about being in it, except when people randomly ask for photos. Was a mini-mini celebrity, because I was 'bonded' to the anibee booth, which deterred some photographers. The boss would ask why they wanted a picture together :P

The pink and white costume! 

The free water and doraemon if you signed up as a member (:
I had to tweet about the anisong finals as well! There were 8 finalists and 4 judges. Once they finished singing, we had to tabulate the results immediately xD Winner was Skye with $300 dollars! She had to split it with her guitarist though :P 1st runner-up was Ryodo, 2nd runner-up was Deborah. They also won a nice trophy as well as 1 year premium Anibee membership. Congrats to all winners (:

From top to bottom, left to right: Skye, Kathleen, QB-sensei, Noelle, Grace, Ryodo, Deborah, Sode

And when this was over, it was back to manning the booth, giving out flyers, getting sign-ups for the free membership as well as for the ambassador hunt 2012 (and getting my photos taken ><). All in all, it was a fun event with pretty good cosplayers and a ton of photographers. A good place to grab photos would be here. There will also be posts from past cosplay-related events. (:

ICDS also featured a cosplay catwalk and competition. They also had a cosplay chess segment which could have been more exciting if the rest of the cosplayers did not have to leave the stage and come back after every 'battle'.

I got a little freebie from anibee too (:
oooo it swimssss

A little more about anibee

anibee is Singapore’s first official J-Culture Portal, dedicated to promoting and providing a wide variety of content in Japanese Anime, Manga, Toys, Games and Cosplay. anibee also provides on-demand videos of the most popular Anime with FREE access as well as subscription based Premium content.



Saturday, August 25, 2012

[Event] Dance Factory PCP 2012: The view from the sidelines

So Friday was the Post Concert Party for Dance Factory's third successful sold-out concert, You'll Never Dance Alone 2012. It was held at Temasek Club Auditorium. Apologies for the lack of photos, as most of them are with the camera-girl, who I will kope from at a later time.

So the place was really secluded, and many people had a hard time finding their way in, and almost all had to cab in from the bus stop. Some bravely ventured along the expressway, please don't do that ever again ><

The crowd (at the beginning)

The cameragirl (deserves some highlighting)

And we had an awards ceremony! We had about 7 awards.

Winner of Best Freshie: Jean (SK)

Winner of Most Improved: Kenneth! (她爱我,她不爱我)

Jacky trying to cheat his height with the Troublemaker gals (winner of Best K-pop Song Senior)

The TOP TEN dancers for the year (:

Plus all comm members received a token of appreciation from Jacky (:

The silver watch and plague for 2012, the pink watch for 2011 (:

A closer look at the words


pre-golden gears awards entertainment!

Commercial break

Check out this dancer's blog! Zongyi's blog features mainly beauty and health tips. She also posts about her modeling experiences and has good tips on how to look better in photoshoots. I personally like this article on pupil balance in photos (:

How I got myself into this

无三不成礼。 (It's not polite unless you do it three times.) I've been in this role of Stage Manager for 3 years, and I think it's about time to put all my thoughts down coherently.

Initially, I tried to dance as a form of exercise to get my knees in better shape. But as it turns out, hip hop is more bad than good for bad knees, so I had to give it up. But Jacky, given all his enthusiasm, invited me to help out backstage with the concert. And so I did. Established authority as 'very fierce/annoying person who shouts at people'. Didn't really know anyone back then. In 2011 and 2012,  I got involved more in planning and conceptualising the concert, and met up with a committee. Got to know many people better. Slowly, I got to enjoy seeing these people around, and looked forward to meeting them every year. I definitely did not always welcome the admin workload though. xD But I remind myself for who and for what I am doing all this for. (:

Personal shoutouts

To the very awesome dance director, teacher and friend, Jacky!

To my comm: Lina, Tiffany, Regine, Re'ann, Zongyi, Pink, Frank, Ee Hui, Gabriel, Irene, Weiling, Cynthia, Priscillia, Yvonne. You've been such a great bunch of people to be together with (: Thanks for all your hard work!

To my backstage crew: Fiona, Yue Long, Tingyan, Lexuan, Vanessa, Vernice, Abigail, Christabel, Marcus. Awesomee people!

To Nelson, Shuffle & Kenneth for being our saikang warriors!

To Vanessa Leong, Xinyi, Vivian, Yayan, Hellen, Daniel & Jack, Sean, Jinglin. Keep on dancing!

And to all dancers, thanks for dancing for concert! It's not an easy commitment, and to me, watching you all improve from the sidelines is something heartwarming for me.

All the best, and see you all next year (:



Thursday, August 23, 2012

[School] Week 2

Currently in my 3rd year majoring in Psychology at NUS FASS. It's been a fun trip so far! My academic goal is to push my CAP to 4.2 by the end of this semester. がんばって!

For this semester, I will be focusing on my minor, English Language as well! So I have 2 modules on Psychology, 2 modules on English, and 1 GEM module which will be re-classified as a breadth.

And for all you NUS students, GEK2501 Understanding Your Medications is a must-try module whether for GEM, breadth or UE haha. It's only a 2-hour lecture per week, no tutorials, no textbook, MCQ mid-terms and MCQ finals! No group presentation, assignments whatsoever.  Good right! Plus the lecturer was really supportive of us taking it as an elective:

"Can understand?" -confused faces of students-
"It's okay." -skips 5 slides- "Let us continue. Whatever I skipped, not tested!"

WAH. And he kept skipping slides after that, so... I really hope to do well. :D

I will introduce my other modules in due time (: Modules are really interesting, despite the assignments, exams and all.

It's the end of my second week of school! For me at least, since I don't have school on Fridays.

Long weekends?

Nah. ONE occupies the bulk of my Saturdays, and tuition occupies the bulk of my Sundays. So having a 4-day work week means that the free day will act as my one-day weekend.

In any case, Dance Factory Post Concert Party will be on tomorrow, so I hope to be diligent and to write and have photos to put up for that post. :D

On a side note, I am really amused when Mozart Requiem alternates with my Pop tunes in my iTunes shuffle.