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Saturday, March 30, 2013

[anibee] Ani-Music: Wada Kouji

Album Art for Ever. Image from OnlyAnime

Having contributed new songs to six out of seven Digimon series, including 5 openings, 2 endings and several insert songs, Wada Kouji is definitely one of the main contributors to the songs in the hit anime series Digimon!

Wada Kouji has a special place in my heart because his songs have accompanied a large part of my childhood, considering that I always woke up early on weekends just to catch Digimon and other series on Channel 8 every weekend morning XD

The first Digimon series. Image from FB

The hit song Butter-fly, a song full of hope and dreams, has even been specially covered by May'n and Hironobu Kageyama for Animelo Summer Live 2011, the largest ani-music concert in Japan. Being almost 12 years since the song was first released (the first Digimon series aired in 1999), it really shows how popular and memorable this song is!

Back cover for album Ever. Image from PMG

His main repertoire includes several high tempo, high energy songs, so you will definitely have a blast listening to them! Some notable ones include The Biggest Dreamer (opening song for Digimon Season 3: Digimon Tamers) and FIRE (opening song to Digimon Season 4: Digimon Frontier). Though immensely popular because of the Digimon series, he has largely faded out from the scene due to a tumour that has resurfaced back in 2011. However, he is resolved to return to singing once he has recovered. I wish for his speedy recovery and more performances from him :D

Find out more about him in the links below!

Check out this post and more over at http://anibee.tv/

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[Personal] Wanderings on Yong Siak Street

Spent a Friday afternoon walking along Yong Siak Street with a friend ^_^ Thank you for coming <3 Will be featuring a few places, and random pictures in between!

Books Actually

Knew of this bookstore several years ago, when a choir mate introduced me to it. Finally proud that I bought a book from them instead of random postcards XD

Front view from across the street



Features many cool places in Singapore! 
I think this book will be useful for finding new places/areas to explore, and to bring my friends to wen they come visit XD Retails at $20.


Such a cool display window!!
Situated right next to Books Actually, this is a store full of quirky things! Sells popsicles of several flavours, such as Strawberry Jasmine & Banana Dark Choc, ranging from $4-$5. I bought one, but forgot to take pictures >.>

Interesting way of using broken porcelain!


Most food eateries do not open between 3pm-6pm, with the exception of cafes. Settled for Poteato instead of Open Door Policy because of price :P Price range for a main course is around $15 average. Vegetarian choices are limited to the mushroom Aglio Olio and sandwiches =\

Menu has interesting health facts on potaytoes!

Bangers and Mash @ $15! Very filling.
No GST and service charge, though you are free to tip ^_^ The potatoes are really good! I would like to come back to try the sweet potato fries :DD


Alongside a canel.
Interesting sign at Forty Hands! Says ' Go Away' when you turn it upside down.

With love,


Saturday, March 23, 2013

[Psych] Sleeper effect: nothing to do with sleeping

What is it?


Sleeper effect is a phenomenon, where a highly persuasive message, paired with a discounting cue, causes an individual to be more persuaded by the message (rather than less persuaded) over time.

What is a discounting cue? It is simply any piece of accompanying information that lets you doubt the trustworthiness of the message, such as a disclaimer or a low-credibility source.

Therefore, at the beginning, you would not change your attitude after reading the message and its source because you know the message is not trustworthy. However, what researchers have found is that people start to believe more in the message over time, ie. more persuaded.

The sleeper effect is contrary to what usually is thought to happen: you hear a message, believe it, and over time, stop believing it because you forget it. However, the sleeper effect is completely opposite.

Why does it happen?

One theory is that over time, people dissociate the message from the source, remembering only the message. Since the message itself is highly persuasive, removing the discounting cue allows persuasion to occur, therefore people will believe more in the message after some time.

Depending on the theory, there are a few ways to measure the magnitude of the sleeper effect:
  1. Asking if you remember the source or not
  2. Asking you to recall the message & source and scoring the number of inaccuracies recalled
You could give it a try: think of a few persuasive arguments. Can you truly remember where/who you first heard it from? Or is the reason you remember even correct in the first place?

Signing off,

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[Event] ~ Together In Nature ~ Ohana 29th Anniversary

Ohara is one of the famous schools of Ikebana International. To commemorate Ohara's 29th Anniversary, they had a 4 day exhibition (13th - 16th March) of flower pieces at Japan Creative Centre.

I like how meticulous the design is (:

Interesting fruit!

As you enter the second room of flowers, the floral scent gets overwhelmingly strong. I thought the scent came from a particular floral species, but I went to sniff all of them and could not identify it ): Perhaps it's the combination of all of them.

Outstretched twigs always remind of birds. 


All floral arrangements were crafted by students from the local branch of Ikebana International. Very tasteful indeed =)

Japan Creative Centre
4 Nassim Road
Singapore 258372

With love,


Saturday, March 16, 2013

[Music] 終わりの惑星のLove Song

Okay, with all the previous posts I think there's enough of my face and me OTL  So today I want to introduce some awesome music I found \o/

Front and back covers.
This concept album 終わりの惑星のLove Song (Owari no Hoshi no Love Song) was created by Flaming June, a collaboration between Maeda Jun and Yanagi Nagi. The illustrations also feature Angel Beats!  illustrator GotoP. Most people would remember Yanagi Nagi as the guest vocalist for indie group Supercell.

Over 13 songs, this concept album tells an epic story about a pair of star-crossed lovers on a planet on its way to annihilation. Each song showcases a different duo, some with pretty clear endings while others are pretty open-ended, for a reason you shall find out below.

You can hear a short clip of all the songs by listening to this video on Flaming June's official channel.

01. 終わりの世界から
Owari no Sekai kara is awesome as an opening track, setting the mood for the rest of the songs to come. The story speaks of a girl with time travelling powers and uses it to search for the one she loves. The song ends on a pretty sad note because she ends up in a grey, crumbling world and wonders if she would ever be able to (meet him and) smile again.

02. ふたりだけのArk
Futari Dake no Ark is a song that switches between fast and slow sections rather tastefully. To me, it's a very dance-able song XD The story is about two travellers, one with a steadfast dream to find the ark that flies into space, and another more experienced and pragmatic. The dreamer dies at the end of the song, but the sole traveller continues the journey for the both of them.What I like most about the song is that both travellers learnt a lot from one another in this journey (:

03. Killer Song
A fast-paced song, Killer song is about a blind man who can only see the truth and a girl who swears to protect him. When she finally kills someone to protect him, she loses her ability to walk properly. However, the two build an impregnable castle where she successfully cuts down all invaders because he can foretell where they will come from. The legend spreads and this success is said to born out of their love for each other.

04. 敵のSoldier 
Muteki no Soldier is very fast-paced and opens with the ending scene and then a flashback rather than going in chronological order. Also, rather than a couple in love, it features a duo which has more of a teacher-student relationship.

05. Flower Garden
According to online sources, Flower Garden is about a weak girl who cannot go to the surface because of pollution, and a boy who brings her items like food and an illustrated book of fake flowers. The girl attempts to go outside in search for real ones, but collapses. The boy then brings her back underground, makes her many fake flowers in the hopes that when she awakes, she will see a 'garden of flowers'.

06. 凍る夢
Kooru Yume, a frozen dream. This is a completely narrated track, bringing a different side of Yanagi Nagi to the album. The interpretation of this song is quite ambiguous, and the coolest thing is that the printed lyrics on the album actually fade off to white towards the end, suggesting the protagonist's world is simulated. There also hints in the dates of the entries eg. April 31st.

07. Executionerの恋
Executioner no Koi is a rather tragic song, where the executioner allows a prisoner to escape because she looks like his first love. As they escape together, she relates part of her life to him and it seems that this girl is truly the love from his past. After this mistake, he goes back to being an executioner but is chained to prevent escape. The girl gets caught (again) but he shoots her chains to allow her escape. At the end of the song, he is slated to be hung in her place.

08. とある海賊の気まぐれ
To Aru Kazoku no Kimagure is a song with a happier ending I suppose? The girl serves as a helper to the pirate crew and leaves with the head pirate in the end when she is shocked by the violence the pirates displayed while plundering.

09. 雪の降らない星
Yuki no Furanai Hoshi is one of the more laidback songs, without much of a long plot, but just about a loving couple who made a snowman every winter. Snow gets lesser and lesser every year, and the snowman finally melts away when the end of the planet arrives, but they are happily together. Still depressing ._.

10. 火吹き山の魔法使い
Hifuki-yama no Mahoutsukai is a hopeful song! The illustration in the album shows a grown-up version of her who lives in the volcano, so I think it suggests that she does learn enough magic to save the boy who went with her to find the diamond which allows the holder to use magic.

11. Last Smile
Another depressing song ._. Last Smile has a very sweet arrangement, and talks about a boy who tries to cheer up a researcher who cannot continue her research because she has to be kept under strict quarantine due to some disease she caught. The lyrics suggest that she dies with a smile in the end.

12. Heroの条件
Hero no Jouken is my favourite of the whole album, because it is not only good as a song by itself that is related to the concept, it has an additional deeper meaning as the lyrics reveal the continuation of the stories from 8 songs that appeared earlier in the album! As the boy travels to become a hero, he meets the people mentioned previously in 8 songs, and it tells what happened.

13. この惑星(ホシ)のBirthday Song
The sweetest song in the album! The two people in the covers finally stay together and have a child. The first few verses are about how pretty the world used to be, and the guy wonders if she really wants to have a child in this dying world. The girl firmly believes that with family, they can survive. (awww.) And the birth of their child with coincide with the next dawn/(re)birth of the planet, hence the song title Kono Hoshi no Birthday Song.

Have a listen when you can! Most of the songs are available on YouTube (:

Today is also the day for the last two shows of my choir concert (7 by ONE), so I hope I'll do well ^_^

With love,


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[Photoshoot] A day in dollonstring's wardrobe

dollonstrings had wanted to do wardrobe post for some time now (since January actually), but with schedules clashing and all sorts of unexpected events, we turn out to be only having the shoot a little more than a week ago XD

I don't have a photographer's eye, so my comments won't be very constructive =\ But hey! I love her photos (:

What is my face doing? ._.

I like my head proportion in this. Looks un-square. XDDD

This dress is prettay <3

I look like I have too much eye white in this XD

The printed tights!!

Yep. Just got KO-ed.

The scarf!! So pretty!

Because face looks smaller hahahahaha. And my hair looks nicer.

Sleeping. My favourite pose now.

Reading books again. Once in forest, now in house. 

Again, because the dress really very nice.

Going to dollonstring's house is like walking through wonderland. There's so many pretty and quirky and interesting clothes in her cupboards which you can mix and match :DD

FYI, we also have a planned collab with other photogs on a very special place to have a shoot sometime later this month <3 The venue is absolutely gorgeous, and dollonstrings has very kindly agreed to lend me a dress :D Really hope for the venue to work out (:

With love,