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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

[Assignment] Desert Rose @ Tapestry of Sacred Music

An adventure through continents and cultures,
A journey through histories and hearts,
In love with life,
In quest of peace.


Yay blogging about work is always a double joy because I get paid to have fun :P

Day 1

Was a pretty short day at work, picking up artistes at the airport ^_^ You can check out what I did while waiting for them here!

I like to follow artistes whom I can communicate with because it makes for a more pleasant journey anywhere :D

Day 2

Bought a matcha green tea with azuki red bean from Gongcha while walking to the hotel. Wasn't very nice =\ Should have stuck to earl grey milk tea with herbal jelly.

Sound check + 2 performances at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre! Did you catch them?

40­­°C outside! OTL

During the sound check, their harp string broke while tuning. =\ Indigenous instruments tend to be really sensitive to the humidity and heat of the place. Even their African horn went out of tune, to the surprise of the group (and me too!).

Lynne has an amazing voice *A* (I'm biased towards the female vocalist.)

Nceba on the African horn, Sisonke on drums

Honestly, I haven't heard them before their performance here, but after hearing them, I can understand why they are so popular! Their music is not mainstream, but their music has a lot of variety in terms of composition and instruments, so there lies the appeal? I especially like their harmonies :D

Was also their resident photographer for the day during performance time!

Day 3

Bought my earl grey milk tea+ herbal jelly XD

The weather took a sidestep today and it was super cool~ It was still pretty humid for the group though.

Again, being their photographer! But this time, with my own camera since I was better used to it. I quite like how the photos turned out for this day. Used a new mode I found on my camera which takes 3-4 pictures at once and selects the best one to save. You can also choose to save all of them. But I didn't have time to select, so I just let my camera work for me :P

Late afternoon show~

Excited girl :D

Singing the African Anthem

"Where clergy and politicians have failed, music stands to unite the people." - Yusuf Ganief.

Left to right: Yusuf, Nceba, Chris, Me, Sisonke, Lynne

I would love to hear Michaela live one day! She's also a great vocalist, and Lynne and Yusuf's daughter. ((:

Day 4

Again, another short day at work, just sending them off at the airport! Spent the rest of the day trying to settle all my schoolwork OTL Exams in less than two weeks!

I am very grateful to be working for Esplanade, and to have gotten this assignment because knowing me, I would not be sitting in Esplanade listening to Tapestry at this time of the year when exams are coming, unless I have something to do there #lazy But I'm glad I was there this year. ((:

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