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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[Music] Mocca

Image from Alur Maju

This post is even later than the previous one XD Another band that was inspiring to me back at BayBeats Festival 2012 was from Indonesia, Mocca! Apparently, they had disbanded back in 2010 but were so happy to come back to Singapore to perform once more! As you would expect, the crowd was enormous with several hardcore fans flying in from other countries!

Song: The Best Thing in the World

My first impressions of them were that they were a really lively and fun-loving bunch of people! They definitely know when to be serious, and when to just let loose and have fun!

Their song style is really what I like XD Soothing, sweet and simply adorable~! Plus their lives are just as good as listening to their CDs.

Song: Secret Admirer

I was so awestruck by them, by the time I got to the booth, all their CDs were sol out T.T Their MVs look pretty old because some songs date back to 10 years ago! Hope you will give these guys (and girl) a listen and enjoy their music as much as I did!

Image from Indrani.net
With love,