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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[Food] Maccha House

Maccha House is a relatively new food establishment located in Orchard Central, opened in December 2012. What attracted me was the clean and bright interior when I was cruising down the escalators to get to Centrepoint using the underground connector XD

For lunch sets, you get to choose between 6 different choices with varying prices! Ordered the teriyaki chicken lunch set which cost $11.40! Consists of a rice bowl, cabbage soup and green tea!

Their matcha green tea is much sweeter than I expected it to be, even though I ordered the hot version. I wonder if there is a 'less sugar' option.

The rice is all hidden below XD Teriyaki chicken is so-so, and the rice is sticky, so depends on your rice preference. I prefer my rice to be less sticky.

I had wanted to try a dessert as well, but I was too full from the meal itself XD Guess that means I will be back for a desserts session! Their dorayaki options (something like a pancake sandwich) looks really good *A*

They have their own Facebook page as well!

With love,