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Monday, May 13, 2013

[Game] Eiyuu Densetsu VII: Ao no Kiseki


Eiyuu Densetsu (The Legend of Heroes) is a role-playing game series by Nihon Falcom. Trails of Blue (Ao no Kiseki) is the second game in the duology The Legend of Heroes VII, the first being Trails of Zero (Zero no Kiseki). Since the game was not likely to be released in English any time soon, and I cannot understand enough Japanese to fully enjoy this game, I decided to get the Chinese version that was released back in March.

AND NOW I HAVE IT (。’▽’。)♡

Many many pictures on what the game came with in the very beautiful box:

Bookmarks, with only one showing a character that only appeared in this game.

Chibi-ness <3

A puzzle picture that came already fixed.

3D cards.

The A4 art book that I could not take out.
 I had to resort to flipping the box and hitting it a few times before the book dislodged itself from the box.


Łazy Hemisphere. Played a bigger role in this game than the in Zero. 

Estelle Bright
Joshua Bright

Sample screenshot!
Estelle and Joshua Bright are the main characters (for the most part) of the previous game series, The Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki (The Trails in the Sky trilogy). I really love the cast from this series more, and was really happy to see them appear in this duology even though they no longer have main roles.

What is good about this game is that the characters get to have a lot of development as the storyline progresses and the storyline changes depending on your choices during the game!! This was not available in The Legend of Heroes VI, so I'm really excited about this!!  \(^ ^)/ This game series packs more action and has expanded on many of the available mini-quests, so it's going to be really fun as well!

More pictures!  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Back of the box

More chibi-ness!

A keyring and a necklace (:

Soundtrack for the game (:

The game disc itself!

Front cover of the guide book!
The last thing I found in the package was a bolster cover of a lead female character ._. I really don't want it...

Where to get it?

I bought the deluxe version from here. I decided to spend on the deluxe version because of the guide book. Really, without it, you'll be spending years and still not figuring out everything in this game O.o Or I am just really suck T.T

I usually play the first few times on my own and then referring to the book when I seriously am stuck. They also have the normal version available here. It seems that they have updated the deluxe version to have two mini figurines (COMPLETELY UNFAIR):

Oliver the flirt.

Leonhardt from the previous game series. More heart throb than Joshua <3
I will be working on a series of posts on The Legend of Heroes V and The Legend of Heroes VII, talking about the gameplay, the characters, mini-quests and more! These articles will be on anibee as well, so look out for them!

With love,


Anonymous Monday, June 10, 2013  

I desperately want that Leonhardt figure lol.