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Monday, May 20, 2013

[Lolita] La robe de Cinderella by Chess Story

This post has been scheduled. In Malaysia now XD

All pictures are property of Chess Story.

After exams, there's more time to window shop! XD Window shopping because China Lolita brands are still pretty expensive and I am a broke student T.T But I still want to share pretty clothes, so I will be doing up a series of Lolita-related posts whenever I can ((:

dollonstrings will put in some notes about the seller and the quality whenever she can :D She's got way more experience than I do :P

Chess Story is an upcoming Lolita brand, with a new collection this March! Titled La robe de Cinderella, they have released an OP (One Piece), JSK (Jumperskirt) and SK (Skirt). I guess the inspiration is pretty clear and obvious as they have stated in the title. :P

You will get used to the short forms pretty soon. :P I find that the product photos taken by Chess Story are of pretty good quality too!

La robe de Cinderella JSK

Available in blue and pink, I really like the print! Prefer the blue version :P

Digital version of the print

Blue version

Pink version

Detail of the back!

La robe de Cinderella OP

Although I really like the ribbon at the front, I prefer lesser frills like the JSK. If only they could combine both XD Available in blue and pink. Made of 100% cotton except for the inner lining, which is made from a mix of cotton and polyester. The long sleeves are detachable!

Yes, I really like the blue version :P

La robe de Cinderella SK

I am not a great fan of half-skirts because I have no fashion sense ._. I can't mix and match, but dollonstrings can (LIES) XD Again, this is available in blue and pink. All their skirts are lined, but you'll need to provide your own poof for it to look like the stock pictures below.

as can be seen from the pictures ama-tan added below, the print is not aligned at the seams. This is common for taobao stores, but for japanese brand items, the print tends to match up at the seams. It's not a big deal, but it makes a different to the nit-picky!

Print is pretty clear!
Just recently, Chess Story has also released a blouse under Le coeur de la mer. Not sure if it was based off mermaids, but it was inspired by the blouses from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Available in white and pink, and short-sleeved or long-sleeved.

Photo of details! 

Pink version.
I personally prefer white/cream blouses. What about you?

Accessories Update

23/5/2013: Chess Story has released the hairbands for this collection~!

There are two different types of hairbands you can choose from.

For a review from someone who has bought from Chess Story, you can check out this one~!

Hope you have enjoyed viewing this collection as much as I have ((: Would you like more of such posts?
Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

With love,

P.S. dollonstrings here! I'm 100% sure that the chiffon blouse above is not 'inspired' but rather a direct replica of BABY's extremely popular blouse. BABY still releases different versions of the blouses, so do support BABY if you can afford it!

The lace Chess Story uses is extremely thick cotton and prone to fraying. Do give it a spritz with fray-check to prevent the embroidered patterns from unravelling! Incidentally, a similar version of this blouse was also released by taobao stores Olive & Ting and Elpress last season.

This Princess print is Chess Story's third(?) foray into printed clothing. For an original design lolita print with this level of vibrancy in colour, this is actually the most affordable on Taobao right now (compare to Krad's Mozaribic Chant and R-series. I'm not a big fan of this series because the colours have such strong lavender-pink tones. I much prefer the Starry-Night series which you can see here.  It's a bit of a disappointment because Starry Night had custom-lace. Lace that was created and produced just for that series! In addition to that, Chess Story created jewelry pieces to match it. This time, the lack of effort is a let-down. Seems like they've stepped down their game? Overall this series doesn't stand out for me because the colours in the print don't 'pop'.

For the la robe de la Cinderella dress, generic lace that can be found on taobao was used. For lace, hit laces.taobao.com, it's pretty affordable and they even have the same kind of lace Mary Magdalene uses for some dresses!