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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[Photoshoot] Of Capes and Bonnets

Finally blogging about my photoshoot in end April! I received the photos from Silver and dollonstrings really early, but only had time to blog about it now OTL

Ever since meeting Silver at J-obsession, we've been trying to plan for a second shoot. And it has finally happened after 2 months LOL. The outfits were different from what I had originally planned, because by the time the shoot happened, my Infanta piece had arrived XD

This will only be a small selection of pictures! You can view the rest in the photo album here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.583582051674223.1073741827.470622852970144&type=3

There were two outfits for the shoot, my Infanta Red Riding Hood JSK (TB) and Angelic Pretty Sugar Pansy OP (dollonstring's property). In both cases, Blouse is by Magic Tea Party (TB). Flower heels from Liz Lisa. Makeup & hair done by yours truly, though I still need to work on it >.<

It was a pretty short shoot since the afternoon one wasn't feasible; it was a very cloudy and rainy day. Still, we went to all sorts of places for the shoot, even to Clark Quay Central!

My favourite photo of the set!

My face angle is the same as the girl in the print XD

I like how the print shows up here!!

Loving the flower petals in the background XD

Saying hi to the tree. 

I really enjoyed myself in this shoot! I find that I learn more about myself when I figure what poses need practice and what ideas I can come up with on my own, and with others. I think I need to have more self-assertion XD

What do you think about this photoset? Feel free to leave a comment below or on the FB album (:

With love,