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Saturday, May 04, 2013

[Review] Facial Therapy from Skinfood

The Skinfood freebie got blocked by rainbow girl oops :P


A few weeks back, I collected (actually, received since my friend collected on my behalf :P). The offer included in the welfare pack was 5 masks for $20 (: I've only got time recently to drop by Skinfood at Serangoon NEX to pick 5 masks to try! (: Tend to my stressed skin over the past weeks of chionging deadlines and mugging for exams OTL

Masks were used in order shown:

Sea Vegetable Mask Sheet (20ml)
Description: Contains minerals from the sea which helps to balance the skin by keeping it moisturized but yet controlling the oil at the same time
Comments: A cooling and refreshing mask, after chilling in the fridge makes it extra cooling :D I had some stinging sensations around dryer areas, but they became less flaky after the mask, so yay (:

Herb Salad Mask Sheet (20ml)
Description: Reduces irritation and controls redness
Mask with herb extracts which provides moisture and comfort to sensitive skin.
Comments: The scent of this mask reminded me of hamster shavings, very strange o.O But this mask adhered to my face the best out of all the masks XD Didn't fall off even when I tilted my head forward while blow-drying my hair. *plus point* Not as cooling as the one before, but it did reduce redness of my pimple breakout (exam stress sigh).

White Chocolate Firming Mask Sheet (20ml)
Description: Firming facial mask pack sheet with white chocolate for a slim and firm face.
Comments: This was the mask I disliked the most ): Though it smelled really nice and sweet, somehow the scent irritates my eyes and I cannot do anything concurrently while having the mask on (unless it involves me being blind). Didn't feel much firming effect either, though it might have an effect after several masks of the same type? =\

Honey & Royal Jelly Mask Sheet (20ml)
Description: Delivers the nutrition of honey and royal jelly to nourish your skin deep within.
Comments: This didn't fit well either, though the scent was pretty wonderful :D I think I had quite a bit of drying skin, so it stung while it was on. Skin felt more moisturized and bouncy after the mask \o/

Watermelon Mask Sheet (20ml)
Description: For extremely dry skin. Contains watermelon to provide instant hydration & relief for ultra dry skin.
Comments: This is useful for me because I tend to get dry skin on my cheeks and nose due to constant sneezing. First off, this does not smell like watermelon LOL. The skin on my nose and chin area stung during the mask, which is normal because the skin was really dry there ): Stinging areas were smoother and plumper after the mask yay ((:

Quality: ☆ Masks are comfortable and effective to some extent. Mask essence does not drip or feel sticky after application.
Price: ☆ Pretty expensive masks on the market ):
Fit: ☆ Perhaps my face isn't the ideal face shape, the mask keeps peeling off at the sides.

Out of the five, I liked the first one I tried the most: the Sea Vegetable Mask Sheet. Overall, they were pretty disappointing ): This is my own two-cents. Everyone's skin is different, so take my opinions with a pinch of salt. Who knows, it might just work wonders for you! Hope you found this review informative (:

Exams are going to be over soon~! Mine just begun OTL

With love,


♥Mishi à la mode♥ Tuesday, May 07, 2013  

I've never tried Skinfood Facial Masks before but the name and ingredients all sounds so healthy!

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雨夜 [アマヤ] Tuesday, May 07, 2013  

Thank you for your comment!

The giveaway looks awesome <3

With love,