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Monday, June 03, 2013

[Event] Funan Anime Matsuri

Image from AFA FB.

I attended the last day of Funan Anime Matsuri! It was a pretty fun day, with many new friends and unexpected travels XD The event was pretty small and boring though :P

A word of caution: the 2nd half of this post has nothing to to with the event XD Though it does have something to do with Natumi, the guest cosplayer from Taiwan XD

Image from Liangs Photo Place.
 Decided to wear Lolita for the event, and not the wig because the day was so hot XD And with the after-event that happened, I'm really glad I didn't put on a wig haha! Had a pretty good vantage point with dollonstrings, who had an unfortunate experience of being rudely pushed around ._.

Kai, the emcee for the day! Great job though needs work haha.

So I could still get pretty good shots from the side.

dollonstrings left halfway while I changed to a worse wantage point, but that's where the magic happened! Met K & and her friend (forgot name, sorry!) who were pretty amazed by Clive's coscard XD They even mentioned creating a gamecard template for coscards so that they could turn into into a game, since trading coscards was pretty common XD

Met D as well, who was cosplaying from Megaman series. Had some trouble with his gloves lol.

Very near the backstage area.

Cannot see what's on stage at all XD
Caroline, Clive's wife whom I met that day, would keep peeking over and kindly update me about what was going on up there when Kaname was on XD Lots of fangirls!

20 lucky fans would get to take pictures with the guests!
Randomly got brought into a conversation, which was when I met W and J! Turns out W was Natumi's friend that she brought along for the event, and J was W's friend based in SG LOL. Since they had a bit of time to spare, I volunteered to bring them around! Event-goer-turned-volunteer-helper haha!

Brought W and J to Le Chocolat Cafe since Kki had ran out of cakes by the time we got there.

Cocoa Berry Ice Blended & Choc Mint Cake!

W with her Rainbow Mousse

J with her Brownie with Ice Cream!

Found a vintage-looking 7-11 while strolling:

Merged with the surrounding shophouses.
Took a train back to try to catch the laser show at MBS, but we missed it XD

Ate ice cream at Au Chocolat! 

My first time on the DNA/Helix Bridge!

Spotted a really cool shop at Citylink Mall! Will be tempted to go again XD

Accompanied them back to the hotel where we waited for Natumi and her helper, E. E was really friendly and kind too! Added me on FB immediately when I met her haha! Was home pretty late, but with all the travels and experiences, I think it was pretty worth it! Thankfully I took leave today, seems like I'm down with a cold XD

(should have used my own cam ugh iPhone why you like that)
I am really blessed that I have met such kind and friendly people at every event I have gone to so far, whether or not I've been stationed to work there. Really really blessed to meet such amazing, passionate people who know how to prioritize their life. Also for very understanding family members who accommodate my crazy schedules.

...and I'm still not ready to face my results tomorrow XD Ganbatte NUS peeps!

With love,


dollonstrings Monday, June 03, 2013  

I confess that I memorized the faces of those two girls so I can bully them if I ever meet them again. ^____^
Looks like you had a really great time! Get well soon. <3