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Saturday, June 22, 2013

[Lolita] Thumbelina Collection by R-Series

All pictures are property of R-series.

Another Lolita post filled with pretty pictures! (: Today will be a feature on a past collection by R-series, teh Thumbelina collection! I personally prefer featuring this one than the latest one they have, because the latest one isn't complete yet (plus the pictures aren't so appealing). The whole collection is quite comprehensive! It consists of a blouse, OP, JSK, pants (!), matching headgear, wrist cuffs and cute accessories! And even a wig, but I'm not featuring it XD


Available in Milk white, Cafe au Lait (about twice as thick) and Chocolet, I find the lace additions pretty interesting! It seems to be available in both white and the original dye. 

The sleeves have got many buttons.

Waist ties that are removable.


Available in Chocomint and Cranberry macaroon! You can pair the JSK with the blouse for up to 6 possible variations :D 

I don't really fancy the brown lace(?) at the bottom of the skirt ):

Back view


They look really normal, but I think this set of photos are so pretty ;_;

The vest is no where to be found ._.



The necklace features a slice of cake and a spoon and a fork:

The rings are absolutely cute and variety is aplenty:

Head bow, bonnet and wrist cuffs available to complete the look:

You will have to be careful about buying from them though, because 
1) The prices rival Japanese-branded Lolita dresses.
2) The quality tends not to be as good.

Still, it doesn't hurt to be looking at the pretty pictures XD

With love,