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Saturday, June 08, 2013

OFRA Cosmetics

Sometime ago, I participated in a giveaway hosted by fellow blogger, Zongyi! She not only blogs, she is a freelance model and dances really well too! The giveaway was about OFRA Cosmetics, and I won the following:

1. Vitamin C Cleanser
2. BB Cream
3. Three Coloured Lipsticks
4. Bandana
5. A few Sample-sized makeup
6. OFRA Catalog

I seriously didn't expect the full-size products to be so big, especially the BB cream and the Vitamin C Cleanser XD The package also came with a handwritten note from Zongyi (:

Along with her signature mermaid namecard (:
In her giveaway post, she even reviews the items for you! Isn't that informative (: OFRA Cosmetics is also very generous with their giveaway items ((:

The bold colours she picked for me XD 

Good for cosplay or halloween XD
Samples of their foundation in #05 & Body lotion
The sample foundation blends really well, leaving no streaks behind even when using my fingers to blend it. Too bad #5 is really dark for me. It will be good for a tanned look perhaps? XD

I will be trying out the BB cream for a few consecutive days to see how it works! Hopefully it will not give me more pimples >.<

Bandana to keep stray hairs away from face during makeup!

Their kits are impressive!
I will continue to update this post with mini-reviews of my own as and when I get to use these products. Really excited to try the Vitamin C Cleanser because my current one will be finishing soon!

The only thing I will be sad about is that their website does not do international shipping, and as of now I have no idea where to get these items locally. So it means when I run out, it's GONE sigh ):

Find out more about OFRA Cosmetics below!

With love,