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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[Personal] Maison Ikkoku & Catch-Up

So some how I formed a brunch/tai-tai club with a few gal pals from SNGS XD We hung out earlier at Le Chocolat Cafe, and now we are back for more! This time, we planned for brunch at Maison Ikkoku (:

Instagrammed Moments

Different ways to brew your black coffee.

Signature M Latte!

Salmon Scrambled. $18 for this is pretty worth it!

Two lattes & one mocha!
Friend said that enjoying warm beverages more than cold ones is a sign of aging OTL So you can see one of us is still young LOL. We dined alfresco, and it got too hot for us, so we took a walk XD To fully enjoy your dining experience, you can call them to reserve a table (:

Now that I'm working everyday, such moments are hard to come by >.< I spend most of my rest time playing Sora no Kiseki XD I'm done with the first two games, and now on to the 3rd!

Sneak screenshot preview for the next write-up! The resident loli, 
Spent some time walking around Daiso after my work briefing.

Delicious mousepads!

Will be working at Yfest Outdoor Theatre this coming weekend :D Do drop by for evenings of fun!

More about Maison Ikkoku
20 Kandahar Street Singapore 198885

Signing off,