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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

[Game] Eiyuu Densetsu IV: Sora no Kiseki SC

Opening game screen.
The second game of the trilogy, Sora no Kiseki SC boasts better graphics, expanded mini-collections and greater depth into the game universe! \o/ If you have played the first game before, you would know how unsatisfying the plot ended there with Joshua's sudden departure >:[

Since I ended the previous post with a cosplay from the SC game, here's an official art from the first game!

Crossplaying Joshua during the school play! Image from Tumblr.

Though the game does tell you that you will be able to continue from the save file of the previous game, it does not tell you where on earth to place this save file such that the SC game can read it. This is the most frustrating and time-consuming part of the game OTL But once you're done, YAY! You can finally begin playing. Choosing to continue from the previous game gives you additional benefits in the beginning such as starting at a higher level, better equipment and certain dialogue changes. You can also choose to continue from a previous completed save of this game, which allows you to continue your fishing and cooking progress, magic crystals, and money into the new playthrough. It also means that you can get both of the strongest weapons in the game - if you remember, completing the book collection entitles you to only one of the strongest weapons.

(Sorry for the above wall of text. OTL)

Beginning the game with a complete recipe book muaha XD 
After a pretty long prologue scene, the opening animation begins. It is a lot more serious, with sneak peeks of who you will be learning more about, as well as the dark organisation Ouroboros. FYI, the song is Gin no Ishi, Kin no Tsubasa (Will of Silver, Wings of Gold) sung by Hiroko Yamawaki.

This time, the game comes with a handy manual! Great for first time players.
The game takes place a few hours after Sora no Kiseki FC. Estelle searches for Joshua who had disappeared after the events in that game. Her search brings all over Liberl Kingdom and more as she meets old and new characters. What is interesting is that certain members of Ouroboros aren't complete strangers; they have relations to playable characters.

Walter, is the elder disciple of Jin, a playable kungfu master in the game.

Rinne, though a complete stranger at first, eventually becomes an important character!

Ouroboros also has its share of weirdos, such as a powerful art thief pictured above.
All the playable characters from the first game are still available in this game, but not with additional characters that bring the total number of playable characters to 13! All characters receive upgrades in the attacks they can use, but battle difficulty is kept such that you can still lose badly without a strategy in mind >.<

Detailed graphics!

What I really liked about this game is the depth of the storyline. Several character back stories are revealed as Estelle interacts with them, and new character developments occur. In addition, more information about the secret dark organisation is revealed. However, for people who prefer action, they might find the game pretty slow at the beginning with lots of text to read.

The casino is important! You need to win here to get a book for the collection.
You enjoy a flashback from Estelle's past too!
Battles have not changed significantly from the first game, but have added skills and bonuses. Possible battle powers have also been expanded with the introduction of a new Arts device (kinda like the equivalent of magic).

You can now attack all at once instead of one at a time!

Expansion of the mini-games also occur in this game! There is now a list of fishing locations and variety of fish to catch! Cooking recipes not only recover HP and statuses, but can also be used to inflict damage on opponents O.o

You can now have a record of all possible fish in the game!

Several fishing locations, type of rod and bait to discover!
There are many more movie animations to watch now, a total of seven including the opening and ending themes, a great increase from the previous game (^_^)

Ending graphic (:

Signing off,