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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[Event] AFA Indonesia 2013 Day 1

I am safely back in Singapore! Had a wonderful 4 days in Indonesia attending AFA Indonesia! I went along with Raistlin, guest judge of ARCC Indonesia Preliminaries! So I went as an artiste status owo I was really treated very well T.T

We took a morning flight to Jakarta via Jetstar. It was a really quick flight (~1.5hours) and since we took a small plane, collecting our luggages was an easy task to do! Sora and Echow picked us up so we didn't have to take public transport :P


Snacks that Sora & Echow bought us when they fetched us at the airport!

Our hotel!
We stayed at Sultan Hotel while the rest of the guests and staff stayed at Intercontinental Hotel XD The difference is because we had initially planned to come to the event to enjoy, and thus had our flights and hotel booked and paid for on our own. It was only later that Raistlin was invited to judge.

We had some time before the concert that night, so we took a walk round the event grounds!

Raistlin with Echow & Sora!


Finally got myself a Mirai shirt!

Old school Detective Conan!

Animax booth!

The infamous Shingeki wall!

Lunch. Yoshinoya :D Reika doesn't like ramen from Yoshinoya.

All the food vendors~


Marble Wonderland booth with free makeup, false eyelashes, wigs for you to try!

The crowd wasn't so bad on Friday compared to Sat and Sun, and we even took some time to attend Indonesian Game Show next door, where some SG cosplayers were working at the League of Legends launch (: Found out later that they were featured in an Indonesian newspaper as part of AFA cosplayers XD

Crowd at IGS.
Sharlene, Yivon & Kenneth

Some free time to LOL before concert!
Attended anisong concert by Eir Aoi, Aya Hirano and May'n! Each singer performed about 8 songs (: Our hotel was really near Jakarta Convention Centre, and was connected to it via an underground tunnel (aircon was a lie!) so walking to and back was really convenient. ^^

Overall, the event grounds for AFA was rather small. Merchandise could be more varied, for both the official booths and for booths in the artists gallery. Too much SnK and Free lol. I would have liked merchandise from older anime like KHR and CCS.

Lastly, a picture of me on Day 1! Didn't bother with make and wore my specs out. (:

Day 1 with no make XD

Onward to Day 2~! But first, settle some homework OTL. Check out my instagram and page for some updates XD

Singing off,