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Thursday, September 12, 2013

[Event] AFA Indonesia 2013 Day 2

Heehee I like to split up the event by day just so I can look at the photos and enjoy the event over and over again XD

Of course this isn't all I ate XD

Today marks the first day of enjoying breakfast in the hotel before going to the venue! We had a really free schedule today ^^v

Lolita for the day!

View from our side of the rooms

Backstage signage whoots!
It was really weird for a bit because I was the only female on the male guests side of the room XD Kaname was hilarious XD
Raistlin as Ikki & Ying Tze as Saber (Lolita ver.)

Angie as Asuna & Raistlin

Special Perf: Kamen Rider

The cosplayers rehearsing backstage:

Guy in the bottom row helped to create all the costumes *A*
Everyone wants a photo with them lol. Don't you think Reika-chan has a 'they are all mine' face XD
I recorded their performance from the backstage monitor lol. The cheers for Kaname came a little delayed because the audience couldn't see it was him when he revealed himself LOL.

And then it messed up his styled hair and he was fixing it backstage lolololol.

Cosplay Competition: Singles

Some shots, again from the backstage monitor XD

I like this picture because the blur makes it seem Danny is super zealous in helping out XDDD

Emcees Danny Choo & Stella Lee

 And as usual, there needs to be some distraction while the scores are being tallied, so...

Meet & Greet

AND SO we began the perilous walk from backstage Level 1 to Basement where the M&G was held. Most exciting, ear-blowing experience ever XD We basically held hands to form a ring around the guests, and bulldozed our way through the huge crowd XD

Brief respite at the lift!

Anisong stage!

It was really a pity that the sound system was not up to par for the second night of concert. You could hear a lot of feedback and static coming from monitors and speakers, and there was a really long pause before Kalafina came out, trying to fix the technical issues, but it still affected their performance slightly. It just goes to show how awesome they are though, fixing notes within 2 lines into the lyrics like omg *A*

Ordered room service for dinner when we got back because we didn't want to brave the crowd to get food outside LOL. Note to self: never order steak well done.

Signing off,