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Sunday, November 02, 2014

[Event] Gamestart 2014

I'm still alive! \o/

Attended a gaming event, Gamestart 2014, last weekend at Suntec~! Brought my 3DS down as well since it would be the best opportunity to collect street passes XD

It was a really small event spanning only one hall, but thankfully the crowd control was much better on the second day. I didn't have to spend hours in a queue, and it wasn't as jam packed as I expected it to be based on first day reports.

With every ACG event, comes the cosplayers and photographers~!
The event hall was really dark O.O

You could try the Bloodborne demo in here~!

Versus City provides you with a chance to play several old school games~!

Beautiful art

The stage was also full of activities. I managed to catch the Beat The Producer! segment for Naruto's Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution! The producers were game enough to cosplay as Naruto and Kakashi too :D Apparently, the producer was so confident in his gaming skills, he said that if he lost, he would swim back to Japan xDDD

He lost about 5 times XD

There was also a cosplay singles competition going on~

Judges from near to far: Yuegene Fay (Thailand), Yasemin Arslan (Australia) and Tessie Tan (Singapore)
The competition was a singles one, and there were about 14 contestants! There was a pre-judging held earlier to examine the costumes close up!

This one had steam coming out from the back! There was the smell of incense everywhere LOL

League of Legends was popular!


Lightning from Final Fantasy

Silent Hill

All the winners~
Cadaq was also one of the exhibitors that day! You could get a 3D figure of yourself printed for $10! Add another $25, and they will provide you the data file, which you can bring elsewhere to get a 3D figure printed in full colour~ Check out the process here!

It's tough to not move up there!
At every event, I also get to meet friends~!

The first thing my lovely friend said to me was "We get to meet again in XX months!"


Good bye you, till XX months later. (LOL you know I still love you XD)

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Friday, October 03, 2014

。◕‿◕。 What have I been doing?

So it's been about a few months since I came back from my graduation trip back in May. Since I started full-time employment in July, life has been a hectic but still wonderful frenzy to manage both work and life.

I also jumped ship from Apple to Sony and got an Xperia Z1! The camera has been awesome :D

Even more recently, I ended three shows with my choir, ONE. It is always a happiness booster to be singing with like-minded people (: If you didn't catch us, there are more shows to come!

Some key moments in life other than attending events (such as CosfestAFA Indonesia and Kawaii in Manila 2):


Means it is time to have a graduation shoot aha~!

Sweet Paradox Art Exhibit

Ranging from paintings to sculptures, artworks displayed are very animated in style. However, the topic each artwork raises a serious issues in society.

MIZUMA Gallery

Singapore Zoo

#dontaskmewhylol I have not been there in ages!!

The splash show (above) was so much better than the elephant show o/

Work takes up majority of my time now, and it is tough juggling music lessons, choir and blogging as it is now OTL #andpeopleaskwhyidontcosplay I am mostly active on my Instagram (which has also slowed to a crawl hahaha), so follow me at @amaya_enlt if you want the latest updates~!

Recent music muse: Rajaton~

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

[Event] Kawaii in Manila 2~!

It has been a few days weeks since I attended Kawaii in Manila 2, and I am still feeling high from all the event photos on Facebook~! Motivates me to get to my own photos xD


Kawaii in Manila 2 is the second kawaii culture event to happen in Philippines! The first was a workshop, which I could not attend T.T So, when this event was announced, I booked myself a trip there xDD

I am very grateful that I made it to Manila in one piece T.T First off, my friend and I nearly got re-directed to Cebu on Friday night OTL. In the end, our flight got delayed by 5 hours and we ended up reaching Manila only at 6am T.T

But hey, a kawaii girl never gives up /o/ Few hours later, I was in Whitespace Manila, redeeming my free ice cream and cotton candy haha~

Corn and cheese flavoured or something LOL
Whitespace Manila, from the outside, looks like a warehouse! But the venue was filled to the brim with kawaii goodness, great food and entertainment!

Really love the little signages that are personalized to every shop~


FRUiTS magazine featuring 

MimiClaire Sweets~!


There were two kawaii workshops held that day, one using polymer clay and one doing lettering~!

 I wanted to try out the uniforms, but I was in Lolita that day, so it was a bit difficult to change out >.< But I finally met Yukie-san and Kitade-san!


Rainbowholic pop up cafe~! Did you get your set of delicious cookie + matcha?

Really cute backdrops are scattered all through the venue~
Even shoes were sold~! Get your starter kawaii outfit only at #kawaiiinmanila2

Kawaii Art Exhibition~!

The event was such an energizing one for me because it was all so positive and colourful! After checking out all the booths, there was still an art exhibit to check out, and the packed stage schedule to watch~!

A set of artworks was selected out of the many many submissions, to interpret what it meant to them, to be kawaii.

Stage Activities

Serenaded by Reese Lansangan
Check out the crowd yo
Live Art Painting~
She came down to autograph afterwards~!

My favourite segment was definitely the mori style one. :D

Meet Cat, one half of the emcee duo~! I knew her first as A Little Decadence.

Ikemen Guy Contest

Dances by Campus Royalties~!

Kawaii Girl Contest

Lucypop Fashion Show coming up~!

Yep Lucypop collaborated with Danny Choo for Mirai's uniform~!

Lastly, the Harajuku Fashion Show~!

Proudly brought to you by Kawaii Candy Lover

...And then my camera runs out of battery /o\ It has never done that within the first day of an event before!

I also got to meet my online friend, Charmie, for the first time! She was very kind and friendly, introduced me to all her friends too #omgjinandmiguelforreal #whyistherelaughterwhenmiguelisintroduced #someonereallycutecalledaki #8peopleandIonlyremember4names #iamsosorry

In every goodbye lies the next opportunity to say hello. (: I can't wait for #kawaiiinmanila3 ! Ending with two photos of my lovely friend, Kaila~! Definitely, there are many areas that can be improved, tweaked, and made much more wonderful, but I really really think that this event is very very well done for a first event by you and your team!! とても、嬉しいかったんだ!おめでっと!そして、いつもありがとう!

Kawaii, is not just about being pretty, wearing pretty clothes and putting on pretty makeup. I feel most kawaii when I put in my best to do what I have set out to do. And when you do that, people will feel that from you too~!

Lastly, one #buaypaiseh photo of myself XD I was pleasantly surprised when this photo came out. The power of a kawaii event lolol. I was enjoying the kawaii art exhibition at that time. Many thanks to Shutter Panda Photography for capturing this moment. I will treasure it (:

Please check out Kawaii in Manila and Kawaii PH for more coverage on the event, as well as future new and exciting kawaii projects~!

P.S. Filipinos, I am so envious of you all T.T

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