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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

[Event] TFX: Jakarta Toys Fair 10th Anniversary Part 2

So in this part I am going to talk about the main event itself! Many thanks to Sacca Productions for the invite (: One thing I definitely don't miss in Indonesia are their traffic jams xD

Notable Conversation #1:

A: Hello, where are you now? Coming?
B: Yes, I'm outside Balai Kartini Expo (the event venue)
-one hour later-
A: Where are you?!
B: STILL outside Balai Kartini Expo! --> Jam never moved LOL

I think, if anyone decides to meet up, or drive you around in Indonesia, you must appreciate them because they spend time in jams and money (for the extra petrol stuck in jam).

Thankfully, our hotel was within walking distance from the venue.

I couldn't any shots that were clear of crowds (testament to how busy the place was), so here are some shots that I could salvage xD

Anyone a fan of Dragonball?

These are really cute!
Some artists were around too~

There was an air-conditioned ballroom next to the venue, and obviously, that's where all the cosplayers were!

Escha from Aterlier Escha & Logy!!

Raistlin Koh as Oda Nobunaga (Nobunaga The Fool) getting his shots

Took a polaroid with Pinky!

And I met Pinky again, from AFA Indonesia 2013! She's a very nice person to hang out with ^^

Not forgetting our new friends from Hungary, Enji Night & Kana Cosplay!

Kana as Black Cat & Enji as Samus

There were several performances leading up to the cosplay competition, and Ironman was one of them!

Not Ironman, but there was a Robocop performance too!

O.O Ironettes?!

I guess every successful man has many pretty women with him too haha

Enji Night as Pepper Pots! Casual/Closet cosplay haha!

Group photo with the judging panel!

Hard at work!
At this point in time, my camera was running out of battery T.T


OLAF!! OLAF!! OLAF!! (They won, by the way)

Zombie Lolita (?) o.O

And that's all for the event! I enjoyed my time with everyone at the event, and everyone was kind and accommodating, thank you very much! m(_ _)m  It was still a relaxing holiday for me, even though I had to go for lessons with only 4 hours of sleep, pretty #yolo for me xD

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.