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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[Personal] In search of the lalang~

I have heard a lot about the lalang fields in Punggol but I have not seen them for myself. So, while on my walk, I decided to try and find it!

Some scenery along the park connector~

At some points they split into the bicycle track and the footpath
While walking along the park connector, you'll start to see lalang patches here and there. They are pretty dried out now, possibly due to the lack of rain. ):

The nicest-looking, largest patch of lalang I could find.
It was pretty disappointing ): I think a large portion of the field is actually gone, comparing from photos taken in the past years. There are also visible signs of people having walked through the lalangs. So, if you want to have shoot here, do it fast!

Random attempt to be artistic.

The bridge that leads into the Wetlands is quite impressive!

Gives a bit of the Japanese shrine gates feel? Maybe? xD

Ending off with a collage of pictures I took from a nearby housing estate! Such a pretty place to relax and have a stroll~

The whole walk took me about 2 hours because I got lost halfway xD Tired legs now~ But yes, I like exploring Punggol! Hopefully I'll have more things to show you in another post!

Here's a map to help put things into perspective:

The nearest entrance in from Rivieria LRT. If you're driving, you can park at the HDBs nearby.Take the exit furthest from the HDB apartments and walk straight until you see several restaurants. Walk past Popeye [depicted in the red area] and down the bridge until you see the waterfront [the grey line next the the river]. The lalangs start in the blue area, but the largest patch is directly opposite the bridge leading into Lor Halus.

Some earlier posts state that you can find lalang fields beyond the sunrise bridge. But when I went, the patch in front of Lor Halus is the largest patch already D:
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