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Monday, April 28, 2014

[Review] LJH Cellabel White-P Cell Beauty Treatment

If you follow my Instagram, you would be familiar with the picture above. (And if you haven't followed, well here's your chance to do so :P) I was given a free gift bag as appreciation for being a top reviewer of Honeyz Cube in February. (*^^*)

Out of all the products, this one intrigued me the most, so I decided to write about it. Hee x) The Cellabel White-P series is targeted towards skin concerns such as skin discolouration, hydration to ageing skin and dull skin tone.  In my goodie bag, three products were included from the LJH Cellabel White-P series.

Cellabel White-P Skin: Offers rich moisturizing and whitening, accelerates skin turnover and exfoliates dead skin cells which clog pores. A colourless liquid, it is easily absorbed into the skin. My face becomes smoother around the nose and cheek areas, but it is a bit too strongly scented for my taste.

Cellabel White-P Emulsion: Oil-free prduct for intensive hydration and relaxation.To be applied after Cellabel White-P Skin. I have been having the flu, and the skin around my nose smoothened visibly and became less red after applying the two products. (*^^*)

Cellabel White-P Cream: Oil-free whitening moisture cream, without stickiness and pore clogging. It stays on for a very long period of time which keeps skin hydrated, but it can get uncomfortable if you apply too much. Just a thin layer will do (: I find that it works better for me as a night cream before bed.

Overall: In terms of hydrating and moisturizing, these products will likely show greater improvement to skin over a longer usage! I find that my skin is a bit bit brighter after use, but other than that, these neither worsen nor improve patches of skin discolouration for me. It might after a longer usage time (these products lasted about a week plus).

Price List [from Honeyz Cube Store]:
Cellabel White-P Skin (150ml): $102 [$78 for members]
Cellabel White-P Emulsion (150ml): $110 [$84 for members]
Cellabel White-P Cream (55ml): $139  [$99 for members]

Some information about Leejiham Cosmetics:
LJH Cosmetics is the first company in Korea to develop and introduce cosmeceuticals to local cosmetics market. The term "cosmeceutical" is a combination of the two words cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals not only enhance appearance but also deliver nutrients necessary for healthy skin.

Safety and effectiveness of LJH cosmeceuticals have been sustained by years of rigorous clinical testing at LJH Skin Clinics. LJH cosmeceuticals have shown outstanding result in maintaining skin healthy and treating and healing troubled skin.
[Taken from http://en.ljhmall.com/]

Honeyz Cube rewards the top 3 reviewers every month on their website, and new products are added to this beauty encyclopaedia every month! You also get to earn points by doing various activities on their website, and redeem samples and other products!


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*I was not sponsored to review the products. Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.