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Monday, May 05, 2014

[Lolita] Le Printemps Collection by Chess Story

All pictures are property of Chess Story.

This is Chess Story's largest collection that I have seen thus far! Le Printemps Collection is Chess Story's latest collection for Spring 2014.

One Piece

The OP is featured in two different colours for 728 RMB each. You also have a choice of adding a sheer skirt and sleeves. Feel free to click on the images to enlarge (^^) I personally dislike having detachable sleeves.

Close up of the design


I really like the ribbon ties for this JSK (638 RMB). Comes in the same colours available for the OP. It is also matched with the long petticoat you can find in the same collection here. There is also a blouse (268 RMB) made for this collection.


Many accessories come with this collection, including a bonnet (68 RMB), hairband (78 RMB), KCs (65 RMB), wrist cuffs (62 RMB), necklace & ring set (60 RMB) and even matching tights (58 RMB)!

Aren't they all so pretty! My favourite is the necklace and ring set! What about you?

Hope you have enjoyed this feature on TB Lolita brands! 

The next feature will be a collection by Infanta, another wonderful Lolita brand, featuring a timeless character~

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Friday, May 02, 2014

[Foodie] Spring Kyushu Fair

Dropped by the Spring Kyushu Fair at Tampines Mall before heading for a gathering with the relatives (^^) Picture above is all the loots we got for snacking xD

If you missed the fair, check out the pictures below for a snapshot of what goods were selling that day!

Assorted jellies!

Dried snacks!


The fried foods station!

Sweet potatoes!

You could get them raw, or pre-cooked.

Seasoned raw seafood


Look at all the SQUIDDDD

Tried out the Matcha cream puff! Cream was good, puff was too hard for my taste.

Lastly, leaving you with a random picture of Hello Kitty flats spotted in Rubi! Speaking of shoes, I haven't bought slippers for my upcoming trip to Taiwan yet 

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*This post has been scheduled. Exams now T.T Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.