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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

[Amaya Travels] Taiwan Trip Part 3: 三义,苗栗 (Sanyi, Miaoli)

More foodie places to introduce in this post!

Chateau in the air (天空之城)

Chateau in the air is a themed dining/taking photos experience, found in a rather secluded area. It is also located atop a hill, so it is best to get a taxi to drive you to this location. Weekends can have a sizeable crowd, ~3000 people a day.

Apparently, this place is very popular with the young Taiwanese, who compete to see who can get the prettiest photos on the Internet from this place. You have to pay 200 NTD as entrance fee, but it can be used to offset any meal you purchase.

There are only two restaurants in the whole place. One is located in the castle-like building, serving Western cuisine.

鸟vs人 is the vegetarian and cheaper option of the two.

A place you can sit and relax and dine too!
The tea menu
You have a choice of getting a set with the main course, or a high tea set menu.

Outdoor eating area
Indoor eating area
We ordered a set each (big mistake haha, too much food), so we each got a bread and a soup.

Spaghetti with basil sauce (罗勒青酱面)
The spaghetti tasted surprisingly fresh with the basil sauce, but was too thick for me to finish in the end.

Pumpkin Steamed Rice (南瓜敦饭)
The rice is place inside the pumpkin and steamed, and some large mushroom slices are place on top. Yummy!

There was also dessert, but I forgot to take a picture xD One set meal costs 420 NTD, but you can use the 200 NTD from the entrance ticket to offset.

There are many walkways with different flowers/trees planted on them, so they are quite a sight. Especially in autumn

The designer who designed the place wanted it to be good for taking photos, thus there are no rubbish bins in the area because he thought that they were unslightly. Good and bad, I suppose xD

No unslightly bins, but tourists are aplenty~

Like all touristy places, there is also a gift shop filled with many cute trinkets!

Jin Bang Noodle Stall (金榜面馆)

Right before we left, we were told by our hostel owners to try out this noodle stall! There are apparently two competing noodle stalls located right next to each other (the other is 赖新面馆), but our hostel owners told us that this one was the one locals frequented more. You can try out both and see for yourself!

You are given a menu, and just write the amounts you want, and pay up at the cashier first.

Condiments at the table~

We ordered Beef Soup with Noodle (牛肉汤面) with no beef (ordered wrongly lol). But the soup was great, and the noodle portion very generous for 45 NTD. The version with beef is 70 NTD.

Stopped by for bubble tea! Must drink in Taiwan~

Huo Yan Shan Museum (火炎山森林生态教育馆)

On the way to the train station, we stopped by another museum!

Stamps for the avid travel collector!

Not many photos since no photography allowed inside. It was enriching though~!

Passed some ducks which would quack loudly when you walked by them. People feed them I suppose?

Train station! Off to our next destination: Taichung!

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