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Saturday, July 05, 2014

My Cozy Room Signature 4-in-1 Rainforest Body Spa Experience

I was very lucky to have won the giveaway hosted by NinjaGirls (check out their blog; it's really hilarious~) I got to try out the Rainforest Experience~

My Cozy Room Rainforest Experience
Samba Dance Back Scrub
Hotstone Back Therapy
Full Body Massage
Crystal Eye Massage
U.P. $168 (75mins)

Very concisely (and locally) put, my massage experience there was super shiok! It was my first time having a hot stone massage, and it was surprisingly very relaxing! Feels like a hot spring experience xD

The entrance to the spa is next to a Japanese restaurant~ Perhaps after a relaxing evening you can head down for a scrumptious dinner?

The stairs really help create a soothing atmosphere! What awaits behind the door?

When it comes to service, even the tiniest details matter! I was greeted by Celine, the owner of the spa, who handed me this sheet below. You write down any areas you would like special attention to, as well as strength of massage etc. I was surprised because no one actually asked me beforehand xD Usually it happens in the middle of the massage -> "Miss, your shoulder very tight wor..."

Tea while waiting~
Glamorous waiting area~
Award-winning spa! Definitely deserving.
Reception area! So pretty *A*
The massage occurs on another floor of the boutique. I was led into this very pretty room! (‘∀’●)♡

There was not one moment where I was not in awe xD Princess treatment ftw!

With chandelier. Very cool.

Being in a pretty room makes me feel pretty already! In reality, yellow light in used in the room to create a soothing ambience!

No pictures of the massage process though; I shy haha! Celine was very kind to offer to help me take pictures though (see, little gestures count!) +1 for Mabel/Maple(?) for using my name throughout the massage; I thought it was a very thoughtful gesture. Gone are the times when the masseuse will call me "Miss/Little Sis" hahaha XD

It was my first time trying a Hotstone Back Therapy, and it felt like a hot spring xD I was impressed at how relaxed the muscles became after the therapy, which made the full body massage that much more effective! There were many instances I felt like dozing off too oops :P I was woken by the Crystal Eye Massage, which was done using two very cooling crystal rods xD It felt awesome regardless (^^)

Huge vanity mirror at your service! #nomakeup

More tea!
At the end of the session, I was again greeted by Celine, who asked what I liked about the massage, how to improve etc. I am impressed because Celine (even though she's the boss) takes care of every customer personally as much as she can! Unlike other places that I've visited where you're passed to a consultant (or several).

My Cozy Room also carries makeup and skincare brands! BABOR, in particular, is Germany's No.1 professional skincare brand.

Another point I would like to raise is that no hard selling occurs here. My Cozy Room will definitely be in my consideration when I start earning my own keep to pay for my own massages and facials :D

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*This is neither a paid nor sponsored post. Some photos courtesy of My Cozy Spa. Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.