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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hop to KL and back!

How is everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year? Is everyone getting a bit richer? ♪((└|o^▽^o|┐))

Spent a weekend over in Malaysia, catching up with some old friends, and making new ones! Our good friend, Ying Tze recommended us to stay at Hotel Citidel, which is located right next to Midvalley Megamall!

We took a flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to take a look at their new KLIA2 terminal! It is really new, and has a lot of shops, including a hypermarket!

The Megamall has everything from boutiques, drugstores to small stores selling local snacks and tidbits~

First meal being ramen XD From Edo Ramen.

The green tea was served in a huge mug!

So impressed at the queue!

Singapore has a pop-up Magnum store that allows you to customize your own Magnum, but this one here also has a second floor store where you can order dessert!

They do not offer all the desserts on the menu all the time though. I think it changes often, and they only serve about 5 different desserts per day.

Magnum Trifle!
Raistlin got some Galaxy Magnum(?)

Honestly, the desserts look pretty, but taste average. Not worth the premium you pay for the atmosphere to me (around RM25 to RM45 per dessert). They do serve hot food as well though.

You could also queue to make your own magnum for just RM 9.90, which is a much better deal! For 9.90, you get to choose your ice-cream flavour, 3 toppings and the type of chocolate drizzle! We queued for about 40 minutes before we got to make our magnums!

All the possible toppings!
Check out the sea salt flakes~

My own Magnum!
Super huge MUJI in the area too!
Had Thai cuisine~! Tiffin's by Chef Korn was a yummy choice! The set meals range from RM 25 onwards, and includes three appetizers served in a three-tier tiffin carrier!

Generous portion~~ *A*

Orange slices for the last tier!
Even had karaoke!! They gave us a vintage microphone to play with!

Our main aim to being in KL though, was to have a photoshoot! I helped out in the shoot with Ying Tze and Raistlin, and the anime is Nobunaga The Fool, which has a mix of both Western and Eastern historic figures, fighting to achieve peace in their worlds.

The shoot location was surprising! I did not expect to find such a garden amongst government buildings lol. There were many cyclists in the area too.

I started to recognise this location for a number of shoots appearing on my FB feed as well... *cough LL cough** Some BTS shots from their shoot below!

Communication between photographer and cosplayer is very important~

Testing the limits of his flexibility~ XD

I might be coming over to KL more often now that it's a cheap getaway to another city heehee. I want to visit Thailand/Vietnam though!

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