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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

[Amaya Travels] Llangollen, Wales (Mulberry Inn & Erw Nant Cottage)

Starting off the UK travelogue with the accommodation! We had two options of accommodation, either the hotel or the homestay/AirBnB type accommodation. The Inn was more spacious with a lovely garden, so that was where all our singing practices/exchanges happened.

The Mulberry Inn
Petworth Road
Surrey, GU8 4SS

Tel: 01428 644 460


The Inn was also where we had breakfast, and we could also order dinner at the Inn if we wanted to.

Loved the jam selections very much, together with the various breads~!

Erw Nant Cottage
Glyn Ceiriog
LL20, United Kingdom

There was a teeny mad rush to get names into the listing for the cottage since only 4 pairs could stay in it. It was a short distance away from the The Mulberry Inn, but it was not a significant walk since the bus couldn't stop immediately in front of the Inn either.

View from one of the second floor windows. You could see sheep grazing and hear them too!

Second floor cushions!!

The wifi was very expertly hidden, lol. People were leaving reviews that they could not find the wifi. Turns out it is not on all the time. The wifi router was actually under the TV, and so was the password. Thankfully, someone sniffed the wifi out on Day 2. xD

One of the windows from my room! Also where I did makeup and stuff. You could see your guests coming from afar!

The 10min walk to the Inn to meet up with the rest of the choir folk!

Such a pretty, peaceful place. Comes with free herbs and wild strawberries you can use in your cooking LOL.  Loved staying here.

The downside with the Inn is really dependent on which room you get. If you get the rooms near the bar, you can expect noise to travel upwards into your room.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Sunday Currently, Volume Nineteen


CELEBRATING... my birthday this weekend (: It is my 25th year in existence, and I have decided on small goals to accomplish for the year.

TAKING... more photos with friends when we meet up! I honestly do not have a habit of taking photos to commemorate things. But memories aren't as accurate as we always hope for them to be. Photos also make great conversation starters when people drift apart too. ^^

(re-)READING... D.Grayman, for the manga series is set for a sequel in 2016! I read this manga a really long time ago, and I still remember crying over a lot of the storyline T.T

UTILIZING... birthday month discounts xD I have 20% off Etude House products, so I got a friend to go shopping with me! Got upgraded to a new membership tier along the way~ perhaps I will do a micro review some time!

LOOKING... for pretty backdrops to take product pictures with! Usually, I just use my desktop which has a wooden grain, or the floor, but there's always a shadow due to the top down angle =\ So I decided to look up some backdrops online to use~

PACKING... my luggage for my Taiwan trip happening in 4 days! I think this is the first time I am travelling in my birthday month. Makes me feel that this year is a bit more special than the rest <3

Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Sunday Currently, Volume Eighteen

From Tumblr.


LISTENING... to G.E.M's new album! Although Goodbye is sad song overall, I feel that the lyrics and the ending end with some sense of finality and hence, is a positive song?


SHARING... more music, which is more of what I love and enjoy on a daily basis. I recently concluded a concert early this month, which was a unique experience, dealing with a lot of songs that were out of my comfort zone.

PLANNING... where to go for my Taiwan trip end of this month~! It coincides with Fancy Frontier, so that will be one of my destinations. A friend warned me that it would be deceptively cold. Brr!

THINKING... about what to do with my hair next weekend. I quite like the idea of having hidden highlights/colour since I work in an office job. Perhaps Bella from The Comb would have a better idea?

LOOKING... forward to a dinner date this week! It's been almost a year since we have last met, and I thought it was time to catch up with some important people in my life as part of my birthday plans.

READING... horror manga from Junji Ito. I don't read a great deal of horror manga, but the horror that Junji Ito writes is more out-of-this-world and psychological in nature, so I don't get all spooked out even if I read them in the dead of the night xD Reading to refresh my memory for the exhibition in Taiwan!

Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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Thursday, January 07, 2016

The Comb Hair Studio

Decided to get a hair fix at a new salon that opened about a year ago? My good friend Y wanted to switch to another salon and found the place, so we decided to give it a try! The salon is a little out of the way from the train station, but the clean and spacious interior is quite pleasing to the eye!

Lots of products displayed in a bright setting when you walk in.

I have actually made two trips to this place prior to this post. The first time I just got a haircut, while the second time, I decided to be more adventurous and dyed my hair red! Bella (senior stylist) was my stylist for both the trips.

They serve a pretty wide selection of TWG tea, and it comes with a biscuit! By the way, I never knew that TWG was a locally produced brand OTL...

Since I wanted to try something new, Bella suggested dyeing my hair red, which was a 'in' colour at the time, and it was a colour I haven't tried. On the left is the colour chart for the reds they offer. And you see the result on the right~ As my hair was partially dyed (the bottom half was dyed with ash purple), she had to mix two slightly different dyes, so that she could get a uniform colour.

The prices are pretty reasonable to me, and the prices are nett prices, so what you see on the price list is what you get~!

Do share your experiences with me if you have been there before!

Find out more about The Comb Hair Studio:

Monday to Sunday, 10am to 8pm
12 Gemmil Lane, Singapore 069252

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Sunday, January 03, 2016

The Sunday Currently, Volume Seventeen

And the new year has begun! How are you spending the first few days of 2016?

I have a concert coming up this 9th, so I'm up to my neck with my scores xD February is the release of JLPT results, so keeping my fingers crossed! ABRSM exam this March, so I hope to be super disciplined this three months! ٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

Looking forward to my Taiwan trip at the end of this month as well!


LISTENING... to Glow by Eric Whitacre. It was commissioned by Disney for their 2013 World of Winter show. Though the sun is always shining and the grass is always green in Singapore, the song brings some wintry cheer~

Morning breaks and sets the Earth aglow
In gentle tones of warmest white
Proclaim the glory of Aurora's light

THINKING... of planning my schedule for the week to make sure I get things done, while still allowing for some buffer time in case work gets overwhelming.

WATCHING... Love Live the Movie! Halfway through the movie, I was afraid that they would decide against their original decision to disband after they graduate. The last song which incorporated their names into the lyrics was rather thoughtful.

TRYING... a wireless mouse this time! I've always used a wired mouse, but there were a few wireless mice on sale, so I decided to get a new one since my current one always double clicks when I single click >.>

PRACTISING... my makeup! Skills are always better maintained when you practise. Since I don't put on much makeup at work (actually none at all on most days lol), I am really rusty hahaha #whatarefalsies

PLAYING... Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki! The sequel to Zero no Kiseki. It's only playable on PC and it is a really long game with wonderful characters and story line. I've basically ignored all my other mobile games for this ฅ( ̳͒•ಲ• ̳͒)♪

COVETING... the Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki. I guess you can tell how much I love this series of games. σ(≧ε≦o)

Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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