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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

[Amaya Travels] Llangollen, Wales (Mulberry Inn & Erw Nant Cottage)

Starting off the UK travelogue with the accommodation! We had two options of accommodation, either the hotel or the homestay/AirBnB type accommodation. The Inn was more spacious with a lovely garden, so that was where all our singing practices/exchanges happened.

The Mulberry Inn
Petworth Road
Surrey, GU8 4SS

Tel: 01428 644 460


The Inn was also where we had breakfast, and we could also order dinner at the Inn if we wanted to.

Loved the jam selections very much, together with the various breads~!

Erw Nant Cottage
Glyn Ceiriog
LL20, United Kingdom

There was a teeny mad rush to get names into the listing for the cottage since only 4 pairs could stay in it. It was a short distance away from the The Mulberry Inn, but it was not a significant walk since the bus couldn't stop immediately in front of the Inn either.

View from one of the second floor windows. You could see sheep grazing and hear them too!

Second floor cushions!!

The wifi was very expertly hidden, lol. People were leaving reviews that they could not find the wifi. Turns out it is not on all the time. The wifi router was actually under the TV, and so was the password. Thankfully, someone sniffed the wifi out on Day 2. xD

One of the windows from my room! Also where I did makeup and stuff. You could see your guests coming from afar!

The 10min walk to the Inn to meet up with the rest of the choir folk!

Such a pretty, peaceful place. Comes with free herbs and wild strawberries you can use in your cooking LOL.  Loved staying here.

The downside with the Inn is really dependent on which room you get. If you get the rooms near the bar, you can expect noise to travel upwards into your room.

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