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Sunday, January 03, 2016

The Sunday Currently, Volume Seventeen

And the new year has begun! How are you spending the first few days of 2016?

I have a concert coming up this 9th, so I'm up to my neck with my scores xD February is the release of JLPT results, so keeping my fingers crossed! ABRSM exam this March, so I hope to be super disciplined this three months! ٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

Looking forward to my Taiwan trip at the end of this month as well!


LISTENING... to Glow by Eric Whitacre. It was commissioned by Disney for their 2013 World of Winter show. Though the sun is always shining and the grass is always green in Singapore, the song brings some wintry cheer~

Morning breaks and sets the Earth aglow
In gentle tones of warmest white
Proclaim the glory of Aurora's light

THINKING... of planning my schedule for the week to make sure I get things done, while still allowing for some buffer time in case work gets overwhelming.

WATCHING... Love Live the Movie! Halfway through the movie, I was afraid that they would decide against their original decision to disband after they graduate. The last song which incorporated their names into the lyrics was rather thoughtful.

TRYING... a wireless mouse this time! I've always used a wired mouse, but there were a few wireless mice on sale, so I decided to get a new one since my current one always double clicks when I single click >.>

PRACTISING... my makeup! Skills are always better maintained when you practise. Since I don't put on much makeup at work (actually none at all on most days lol), I am really rusty hahaha #whatarefalsies

PLAYING... Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki! The sequel to Zero no Kiseki. It's only playable on PC and it is a really long game with wonderful characters and story line. I've basically ignored all my other mobile games for this ฅ( ̳͒•ಲ• ̳͒)♪

COVETING... the Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki. I guess you can tell how much I love this series of games. σ(≧ε≦o)

Inspired by the original The Sunday Currently, here.

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.