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Thursday, February 22, 2018

[Game] Eiyuu Densetsu VII: Zero no Kiseki

Eiyuu Densetsu VII: Zero no Kiseki, is the direct sequel of Eiyuu Densetsu IV: Sora no Kiseki the 3rd. Taking place in Crossbell City several months after the events in the previous game, the game features improved gameplay and voice acting. There are also elements that were not in Sora no Kiseki games, such as the Police Department, cars, trains and buses.

Zero no Kiseki has special meaning in the way it has been named. 'Zero' represents a new beginning, after the huge success of the Sora no Kiseki games. Thus, a new land is introduced, with all new main characters and a hope that this set of games will surpass its predecessor.

Instead of starting out chronologically, the game throws the characters into some weird place that you will only actually reach at the end of the game, before launching into the opening sequence. [This actually has meaning in the sequel of the game.]

Where on earth...!
Of course, now you have new main characters! Instead of only two, all four main battle players have been decided for you. Though voice acting has expanded beyond the battle screen, most dialogue is just read. ): Especially since Elie is voiced by Aya Endo, the voice actress for Sheryl Nome >.>

From left to right: Llyod, Elie, Tio & Randy

These 4 characters meet in a special department within the police force called the Special Support Section (SSS), which essentially does the work of bracers. Of course, not everyone is happy about it. In this game, you earn Detective Points (DP), very similar to BP. As you rake in DP, your rank in the police force will go up!

As you play through the game you figure out the reasons why they came to be in SSS (other than Lloyd who passed the test to become a police investigator). Their past is elaborated upon throughout the game, though some information will only be fully revealed in the sequel, Ao no Kiseki. In particular, Lloyd and Tio share an interesting relationship, as Lloyd's elder brother, Gai passed away in a rescue mission to save Tio.

Despite the fact that the main goal of SSS and bracers are the same (acting to protect people's interests), the SSS has the possibility of directly intervening in politics and the law (they -are- police after all). Bracers, on the other hand, cannot due to their status as a neutral party.

There will be events that will affect hidden relationship meters in the game, such as acting in pairs, and depending on your partner selection, will unlock special scenes in relation to the partner. Watch them all~!

The battle system hasn't changed much, with new random additions like Team Rush, which allows all members to attack all at once. Additional special skills have been added, increasing the variety of moves you can utilize in battle. The main characters are very varied in their battle capabilities, which makes battling flexible.

Team Rush mode!

Cooking... is kinda complicated now XD You can now collect recipes, fishes, and even monster information. And this time, you get bonuses for completing all of them, not just the book collection!

Being the direct sequel, characters from past games will make an appearance in this one! It appears that enmity between the police force and bracers exist, just like how it exists between bracers and the army back in Liberl Kingdom (though that's probably just one person's fault XD). The enmity arises from the fact that the police force has declined in its trustworthiness and efficiency, leading the city's people to rely on the help of bracers. Not to mention that the bracers are 1000x more powerful than the police people lol.

My two favourites! They are also playable later in the game!


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